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    Rosy Dawn a cross of (Paph. Astarte x Paph. Gwen Hannen)

    I had Rosy Dawn years ago when I started growing orchids. If I remember correctly it is fragrant as well as pretty.
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    Where to buy Cypripedium’s?

    You might also look at Spangle Creek Labs in MN.
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    I hate I didn't. Cyp reginae indoors

    I have Cyp. reginae in our flower garden. Planted it there in the late 90's. It is in black dirt a slight depression. full sun until about 2:00 PM, then bright shade. The flowers fade from more red to pink if I don't protect them with an umbrella.. during the bright time of day. No special...
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    Mealy bugs

    I need to add to my post that the only thing for spider mites that has worked for me is insecticidal soap.
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    Mealy bugs

    I use Cyonara both inside and outside. It does not smell bad actually (plessant), lasts for weeks or longer, and kills most everything esp. Mealies. It was not effective against thrips however and I had to resort to Bayer which contains Imidacloprid (an ingredieant of last resort for me)
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    Recirculating water table for phrag culture

    My R/O is set to go to a livestock water tank valve (from Fleet Farm) attached to a seven gallon plastic bucket, set on top of a laundry tub. R/O wastes a lot of water as a by product besides the damage it can cause overflowing.