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    Is $700 a year on orchids a lot?

    The definition of a hobby is "an obsession without a budget". You can think you have put bounds on how much you'll spend but that usually doesn't hold for very long. Like Ray said, greenhouses up north are expensive to operate so I moved my collection to FL where I don't need one. Do I now have...
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    Fort Worth and SWROGA show 11-11 to 11-12-22 - Photos and commentary

    Wow Green I had to go back and study the photos to find what you were referring to. Yours is certainly an interesting perspective that I would never have seen in a million years. Looks like a Phal on a backed stand with a small overhead light to show the colors better to me but what...
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    Relearning orchids in New Hampshire

    Hopefully you have become a member of NHOS. Big auction on Saturday. You can fill your house! 😁 When I grew in NH, I had a greenhouse. Even with that it was a challenge. I moved my collection to the Florida Keys 7 years ago where I can leave them on autopilot in their shade house over the summer...
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    Ansellia africana

    Well, thanks for the shot of optimism. I need it with this plant.:rolleyes: I had wanted one for some time so I jumped at the opportunity even though she warned me of her history with it. I was taking it from dark, cold & dreary New Hampshire winters (although it was kept in her greenhouse) to...
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    Ansellia africana

    Congratulations. I have one I bought at our society auction over a year ago and it has done nothing. And I mean nothing! A friend had it previously and she had the same issue which is why she put it in the auction. I recently repotted it just to get a look at the roots. They are there but...
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    Phrag Sorcerer Apprentice

    Totally agree with Ray.
  7. K

    Not philippinense ???

    I'd go with William Ambler as well. Mine just opened yesterday.
  8. K

    Paph. philippinense

    Another stunner! Well done.
  9. K

    Paph phillipinense 'Coco' AM/AOC

    Very nice. Love the way those dorsals are held. Mine has 2 spikes coming but I'm probably still a couple of weeks away.
  10. K

    My most favorite

    Any Aerides but houlletiana in particular. Just something about that coloring combination and fragrance.
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    My new green house in use finally

    Very nice! Now you need to fill up all that unused space! :p
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    Phrag. Sorcerer’s Apprentice?

    Excellent point Mrhappy. BTW tcosta.......please do not think I was dissing your plant. I was not. Yours is obviously very nicely grown.
  13. K

    Phrag. Sorcerer’s Apprentice?

    The flower looks correct to me as well but I guess I'm surprised the plant itself isn't more "robust" They can get to be a giant specimen in almost no time at all.
  14. K

    Phrag Demetria

    Eumilia Arias (schlimii x kovachii) Incan Treasure (kovachii x longifolium) Peruflora's Cirila Alca (kovachii x dalessandroi)
  15. K

    Phrag Demetria

    I have a dozen or so different Phrags in my collection in Key West. They get plenty hot in the summer but they are outdoors so obviously also get a ton of rain during the summer rainy season. They also benefit from overhead misters directly adjacent to their bench that run 2x/day. You can grow...
  16. K

    Phrag Demetria

    Lots of pure water and good air flow at all times.
  17. K


    Gorgeous color and shape.
  18. K

    Looking for speaker recommendations

    John Romano. Outstanding presenter and well known expert on nobile Dendrobiums. Out of So. FL somewhere and admins a Dendrobium online forum. It's been a few years but I'm sure someone will chime in with his contact info.
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    Phragmipedium Sorcerer's Apprentice

    Nicely done! Mine is probably 5X that size and really overdue for a visit to the chop shop but it is such a vigorous, free-flowering cross, I hate to do it. I think mine would be in bloom year round if I let it but I also think if I did I wouldn't get the number of spikes I do. This was a...
  20. K


    I had a 10x12 shed GH on south gable end of my house in NH before I retired and sold it. Had an empire propane heater that worked well but OMG was it expensive. Even to just keep it at 55 degrees. which BTW was too cold for what I was trying to grow. The propane choice was made because it still...