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    Measurements when posting pictures

    I hope that the ST moderators discourage the posting of flower measurements, because it promotes competition that would soon eliminate the contributions of novice growers and people who post without any sense of competition. This would be a great loss for all ST users. I enjoy the success of a...
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    Shape survey Pacific Shamrock X Golden Emperor

    Survey pick Despite the dented pouch and the droopy petals the last flower pictured in the sequence would be my choice for breeding on. The petal edges of this flower are smooth and not ragged. They appear to be the widest of all pictured flowers. The dorsal is both tall and wide and rounds...
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    Last Paph. Update..

    Experience with Mania Orchids Based upon the experience of a single order of a Godefroyae and concolor purchased last year, I would not hesitate to place another order with this dealer. Orders require an USDA import permit and delivery takes a couple of weeks, but the flower quality of his...
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    William Ambler

    Actually, I think the intensity of red pigmentation shown in this flower is highly desireable for introducing new color patterns in multiflora paphs. Combine with Lady Isabel or its hybrids and you should get some very lovely color patterns!! Most exciting!!
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    Neem Oil

    In my experience the Neem oil products are poorly formulated emulsions which clogged my sprayers and were a marginally effective contact insecticide. For mealies I drenched every plant in the greenhouse with Talus twice at a 1 month interval at the concentration of 1 tsp/gallon. No mealies...
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    Paph. William Ambler

    Red William Ambler Actually, this is an above average flowering of a William Ambler. If the pix is accurate, it looks like this clone is expressing a lot of red anthocyanin-like pigmentation. If indeed this is the case, crossing this clone with a good Lady Isabel or other stonei hybrid should...
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    Paph Shin-Yi Williams, something new

    This clone shows very well the size and form of the roth. parent and the dark pigmentation from the William Ambler. Looks like a keeper! Congratulations!!
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    new blooming niveum!!

    Outstanding!! I hope that you can sib cross the two plants!
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    Phalaenopsis leaves problem

    Phal leaf problem I suspect that this phal needs to be repotted. I also suspect that there a few viable roots in the potting media and the few remaining relatively healthy ones are on the surface where they can dry. The pix show older leaves in early sensescence due to the lack of appropriate...
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    Yellow discoloration of leaves of lowii hybrids?

    My friend living in FLA indicates that many lowii hybrids (especially Julius) are prone to developing pale yellow leaves as the plant matures. Apparently the discoloration is diffuse and shows no particular pattern. New growth is green, but turns pale yellow. Flowering does not appear to be...
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    roth first bloom

    Great color!!! Again, what is the breeding? Is this from the OZ?
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    JHOS January meeting notes

    Jhos The Jersey Highlands Orchid Society is approximately 4 years old. We are a very small (24 members) meeting in northern NJ (Sussex County). We usually have 18-20 members attend our monthly meetings. From the outset our society leadership has made an effort to involve all members in...
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    JHOS January meeting notes

    Last night's JHOS meeting was held in a new location in an upscale assisted living retirement center. I gave a very general talk on orchid growing and emphasized the need to match growing conditions of light and temperature with the needs of the plants, and for beginning growers to select...
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    Orchid Zone sokd again!

    The OZ name and inventory was sold earlier in the year.
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    Orchid Zone sokd again!

    I have heard that the OZ was sold last Friday.
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    Multifloral rot

    Bacterial rot in all orchids In my experience drenching the plants with dilute Physan (0.5-1) tsp/gallon in early September and repeated early in October will markedly reduce the incidence of bacterial rot of the new soft growth of phals and paphs here in northen New Jersey. Coupled with very...
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    RHS Chelsea Show, 1912

    Tim You always do such a great job in renewing our interest in the evolution of complex breeding. Thanks for sharing your gift!
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    Global Surprise`Beaut`

    Great petals! Very nicely balanced flower. The pink blush on the petals and under the margin of the lip enhances the beauty of the flower. Congratulations on producing a winner! Slipperscout
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    Your time starts now!!!

    St. Swithin x superbiens
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    Slippertalk Judging & Awards Proposal

    What is to judged in an award system, outstanding photographs of a mediocre flower, outstanding cultural achievement, flower quality by AOS standards or ???? Does an award system create or foster cliques? The AOS judging system has been accused of this. What is the purpose of the Slippertalk...