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    Phrag Jason Fischer

    Yes, it’s Mem. Dick Clements (4N) ‘Catherine’ AM/AOS x besseae ‘Ozone’.
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    Phrag Jason Fischer

    I bought this as a seedling from Woodstream Orchids at the 2016 National Capital Orchid Society show. First bloom...
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    Greetings from Washington DC

    Thanks everyone. No, Eric, I won’t be at SEPOS. I’ve never been, so hopefully some day.
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    Greetings from Washington DC

    Hi Linus, I live in DC, in the Shaw area. I was a member of NCOS for a couple of years, but that was some time ago. I have attended the Paph Forum, but was out of town this year. When I make it to a NCOS meeting again, I’ll say hello. Michael
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    Paph. moquettianum x Concon-Bell

    Opened about a week ago.
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    Paph. leucochilum

    From August of 2018. My first attempt at posting pics.
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    Greetings from Washington DC

    Hello, I’ve been lurking on Slippertalk for some time. I’ve grown orchids on and off for 20+ years and got back into them again about two years ago, growing mostly Paphs and Phrags. Michael