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  1. Z

    Paph. godefroyae

    very nice
  2. Z

    Paph concolor

    very nice, congratulations
  3. Z

    Some Catasetinae...

    very nice flowers, i love the first one
  4. Z

    Paph. Wössner Favourite

    Nice !
  5. Z

    Paph. "barbigerum" (herrmannii?)

    great color and shape
  6. Z

    Wellesleyanum x James Bacon

    nice flower
  7. Z

    niveum season

    very nice !
  8. Z

    Some Paph. Blooming

    all are very beautifull, congratulations
  9. Z

    Paph godefroyaes and Benkei

    a cross between Paph godefroyae and S.Gratrix very nice one Joseph, the two first pics are my favorite
  10. Z

    Paph leucochilum x bellatulum

    very nice one, congrats
  11. Z

    Paphiopedilum sanderianum

  12. Z

    paph stonei

    look this and this
  13. Z

    paph stonei

    it is labelled as stonei 'In-charm' x self
  14. Z

    paph stonei

    recent purchase from in charm orchid (walers show)
  15. Z

    Paph.hangianum 'TN-1201'

    very nive one !
  16. Z

    hello from France

    i had one but i 've killed it :mad:
  17. Z

    hello from France

    thanks everybody to slipperfan: i have phalaenopsis, paphiopedillum, bulbophyllum and other orchid genera
  18. Z

    hello from France

    hello, i'm sam and i live in France near Belgium i grow orchids for 6/7 years