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    Hapalochilus need id.

    I got one of this too, and it was positively identified as Bulbophyllum scaphioglossum J. J. Verm. & Rysy
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    Paph helenae

    no. the flasking was done by Hung Sheng or so, cant remember exactly. I just grew it
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    Paph helenae

    This one comes from taiwanese breeding and took a little over three years from deflasking to first flower
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    Paph micranthum

    a bit out of season, but im quite happy how it turned out
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    Bulbophyllum binnendijkii

    Great success and wonderful species ! i love the pahudia Type Bulbos i have some B.virescens and B. pahudia and they are becoming really unwieldy plants, no flowers in sight though... :(
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    Paph. fairrieanum, Easy?

    Hi Rick, i use reverse osmosis water with advanced nutrients micro and bloom (i dont use the "grow" formula) added to 250 ppm. Rarely they do get a top dressing with a teaspoon or so of crushed limestone. i never bothered with a ph measurement of the water though.... The plants are under a...
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    Paph. fairrieanum, Easy?

    I cant say P. fairrieanum is hard to grow, in fact it is the easiest and fastest Paph out of 20+ species i grow from flask. These seedlings were deflasked about 2 years ago, and i think the biggest ones are approaching blooming size by now. I dont treat them very special, they grow in a bark...
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    Mexipedium flasks or seed?

    Hung Shen does not sell them anymore, they had flasks but they were abandoned due to "bad condition" as they say...
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    Paphiopedilum phillippinense

    This is the first bloom of a P. phillippinense seedling i bought 3 years ago. Only three flowers, but i think it has a bit of potential... future blooms will show:wink:
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    New Paph Book???

    i found it quite funny, huhu
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    Deflasked Seedlings with yellow leaf tips

    Thanks for the replies and welcome, gonewild, i keep the seedlings in low light levels, might actually be a bit too low... the left over agar feels still fresh and moist forgot to say that only the coryopedilums show these yellow leaf tips which turn brown at the end, especially the...
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    Deflasked Seedlings with yellow leaf tips

    its the top leaves, some of the adductums look like they have a cellular collapse too in the leaves, maybe the air its not humid enough?
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    Deflasked Seedlings with yellow leaf tips

    Thanks for the welcome :) They are now in a mix of small bark, charcoal and perlite, i left the agar half intact, just washing off as much as i could . Then the seedlings went into community pots. i just gave them the first nutrition ~ 200 ppm
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    Deflasked Seedlings with yellow leaf tips

    Dear Slipper friends, Some weeks ago i got some flasks of diverse multifloral paphio species from Taiwan. they were roughly one week in transit before they arrived. They were a little shaken and bruised, so i deflasked the problematic ones immediately. Now, 2 weeks later, i managed that...