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  1. paphioland

    Paph. Gloria Naugle

    Nice GN
  2. paphioland

    Paphiopedilum Lady Isabel 'Magnificient'

    It's an OZ cross. Only other LI I know of in this class is crystelle. Saw it in person was very nice but more roth like than this one in stance. The size of this flower is pretty impressive for LI. The pouch also has this fluorescent type glow to it. Fully saturated as well.
  3. paphioland

    Paphiopedilum PEOY x Philippinense 'Glow'

    Yes I agree. The yellow gold and purple make this clone really pop compared to all the drab mutis. Has great substance, form and petals too. I have to say this is one of my all time fav multis.
  4. paphioland

    Paphiopedilum PEOY x Philippinense 'Glow' Previous bloom
  5. paphioland

    Paphiopedilum Lady Isabel 'Magnificient' Dorsal 6.3 Petals 1.4
  6. paphioland

    Paphiopedilum Gary Romagna 'Affirmed'

    I enjoy the flower more this way. Most Gary Romagna look like horrible small yellow roths. This flower has amazing dorsal and synsepal, thick substance and long interesting petals. If you want roth just get a roth. A Gary Romagna with heavy roth influence looks like a crappy roth.
  7. paphioland

    Paphiopedilum Gary Romagna 'Affirmed' Has a 6.6 cm dorsal which is huge for this cross.
  8. paphioland

    Paphiopedilum stonei 'Something Royal'

    I think it is that multis can get boring after awhile with all the drab brownish colors. Stonei is a refreshing break from that. Prob my fav orchid species.
  9. paphioland

    Vini complex 'Black Caviar'

    Yes. Lol
  10. paphioland


    Beautiufl flower
  11. paphioland

    A Decade of Slippertalk Collaboration

    Great story. Nice
  12. paphioland

    Select roth

    For me an award from AOS means less than zero. It does create a record but I don't even trust the measurements taken. Can be highly personally motivated in many occasions. Seen too many issues. I want to see the flower for myself. If high end collectors and best breeders never take their plants...
  13. paphioland

    Select roth

    I strongly disagree. High end collectors I know don't care about awards. People who pay for select paphs know what they are looking at most of the time. They usually have a good idea of the market value as well since they help set it. Ignorant judges can only hurt valuable plants and good...
  14. paphioland

    Select roth

    No I don't go out of my way to participate in AOS judging. Don't find any value in it.
  15. paphioland

    Paphiopedilum stonei 'Something Royal'

    Someone got it lol. Nice Greatest athlete of all time. Celebrate the end of the major 3 yo races for which secretariat holds all the records from over 40 yrs ago
  16. paphioland

    Paph. St. Swithin 'Bold Ruler'

    I am not really in any orchid clubs. I never go to meetings. Not my thing.
  17. paphioland

    Paphiopedilum stonei 'Something Royal'

    No. I almost never show my orchids. Sometimes at local show I will. It is the whole clone and I named it.
  18. paphioland

    Paph Booths Sandy Lady 'Ravishing Ruby'

    Hard to get a good photo
  19. paphioland

    Vini complex 'Black Caviar'

  20. paphioland

    Vini Maud 'Cabernet Sauvignon'