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  1. Faan

    Leaf die back

    I have a few roth crosses on which I experience that the leafs are dying back from the tips. At present I am unable to post a photo of the problem, but will hopefully be able to do so tonight. My growing medium is leca and small pieces of stone. All my plants were repotted since October 2016...
  2. Faan

    Paphiopedilum Lynleigh Koopowitz

    Very nice flower.
  3. Faan

    Shiny, glossy leaves

    To clean the leaves I use a little bit of milk and a drop of detergent using a soft cloth.
  4. Faan

    Slipper Orchid Circle: 11 & 12 July 2015

    A Slipper Orchid Circle gathering will take place on the above date in Cape Town. On Saturday 11 July 2015 we will listen, discuss, eat, drink and socialize all on Slippers. On Sunday 12 July 2015 we will have a lamb on the spit at, as my wife Ines calls it, Ines & Faan's Slipper Haven...
  5. Faan

    Paph. primulinum

    Beautiful flower and photo
  6. Faan


    Well done
  7. Faan

    Paph. fairrieanum

    It remains one of my favourites
  8. Faan

    helenae X Jolly Green Gem

    I like the colour combination.
  9. Faan

    White Knight "Guinevere"AM/AOS

    Very nice flower. Well done.
  10. Faan

    Paph leucochilum

  11. Faan

    Paph William Ambler 'Karob' HCC/AOC

  12. Faan

    Hengduan Sweetheart

    I like the flower.
  13. Faan

    Orchids with pouches

    I was wondering which other orchids have pouches similar to those of the Slippers. I am aware of Dendrobium moschatum, but I am not aware of others. It is just a matter of being curious
  14. Faan

    Paph Carnusianum (spicerianum x haynaldianum) - 2013

    Stunning flower
  15. Faan

    brown rot pandemic

    What I will do is to cut away the rotten pieces as in my experience most of these "attacks" do not like fresh air and will dry up in a few day's time. Leave the wound open and give it lots of fresh air. My concern is always that if you put something on that is wet it will just make the...
  16. Faan

    Paph gratrixianum

    If this is what you are going to receive it is a well grown plant
  17. Faan

    New species?

    Does not matter what it is called in the end, it remains a pretty flower.
  18. Faan

    Some pretty paph leaves and a bud

    Nice, thanks for the pictures
  19. Faan

    Gloria Naugle "Cocoa" HCC/AOS

    Beautiful, well done:clap:
  20. Faan

    Growing medium for Paphs

    Does anybody use peach, apricot or macadamia nut husks (chopped up) as a growing medium?