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  1. Dung Lung

    Bee keeping

    thank you all! it appears that there is no detrimental effect on orchids! I LL GO AHEAD!
  2. Dung Lung

    Bee keeping

    Yesterday, visit a bee apiary. Intend to keep a swarm of bee at home. Any negative impact to orchid? Your advice appreciated.
  3. Dung Lung

    Ma Belle ?

    the reason being markings and tall stem
  4. Dung Lung

    Ma Belle ?

    I would suggest it is malipoense x wenshanense
  5. Dung Lung

    Paphiopedilum Gina’s Child

    6inch pot! How often do you water? By what means do you prevent over sogging?
  6. Dung Lung

    Hello (1st Post) and Paph delenatii 3bagger

    3 flowers on 1 stem, very good!
  7. Dung Lung

    Shoeless paph hybrid

    hope mine will have shoe next time
  8. Dung Lung

    armeniacum x lippewunder

    very nice flower! did you buy it from Taiwan?
  9. Dung Lung


  10. Dung Lung


    should read "Latoya"! sorry about that!
  11. Dung Lung


    Fanaticum x armeniacum Surprisingly, it is registered in RHS in 2008 as TB Warren and in 2018 as Layota! (might be depending on whether Fanaticum is a natural hybrid) Looks like a yellow Fanaticum. I grow it for nearly 2 years after buying from Taiwan. I like it.
  12. Dung Lung

    Phrag. Mem Juan Alberto Arias

    good luck.
  13. Dung Lung

    Ugly Duckling becomes tiny swan

    looking forward to watching your swans, if any
  14. Dung Lung

    Ugly Duckling becomes tiny swan

    another niveum x In-Charm Greenery of same grex. Similar but the substance not as wexy.
  15. Dung Lung

    Ugly Duckling becomes tiny swan

    it takes 2 years for this ugly duckling to become a tiny white swan. niveum X In-Charm Greenery from Taiwan
  16. Dung Lung

    Phrag. Cardinale 'Wilcox'

    splendid! it ll be appreciated if the foilage picture is also available
  17. Dung Lung


    nice flower i like the contrasting markings
  18. Dung Lung

    hydrogen peroxide cure root rot

    it s interesting to learn that "my outside plants almost never get root rot" thank u
  19. Dung Lung

    hydrogen peroxide cure root rot

    thanks Ray I m currently testing semi hydroponic. so far so good