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  1. iBreed

    Phrag Elfin's Candy#2

    Phrag breeding is really moving forward, we have come a long way since Phrag Sedenii times!! Exciting things to come as the Kovachii and besseae pools are further recombined. Jose
  2. iBreed

    Phrag. dalessandroi

    Inspiring! Sublime! Congratulations. Jose
  3. iBreed

    Phrag. Don Wimber 'Bloomfield's Red Baron'

    Excellent pic of a great flower Michel. Jose
  4. iBreed

    Phrag, La Vingtaine

    Like it very much. Jose
  5. iBreed

    Phragmipedium Elfin's Enchantment

    WOW, superb color and shape. Jose
  6. iBreed

    Phargmipedium Raquette Lake

    Nice deep pouch color. Jose
  7. iBreed

    Phrag besseae var. flavum no longer...

    Congratulations, nice yellow hue. Jose
  8. iBreed

    Phrag Bug

    Hope we can see the blooms soon! Jose
  9. iBreed

    Phrag Andean Fire

    Great deep color, nice.
  10. iBreed

    The Sorcerer and me!

    Nice plant Rick. How many years to grow so large?
  11. iBreed

    Phrag April Fool 'Carly'

    Growing system Thanks Chuk. Would love to see some piics of set up you have to grow it. Very impresive the results you are having with this growing system, congratulations. Do you keep it dump all the time? Thanks. Jose
  12. iBreed

    My introduction

    Hello all Nice to meet you all and fellow breeders David and Robert. Rick Mad Virologist, we met at the Galveston Orchid Soc. meeting last June when you talked about growing slipper orchids, I bought a Phrag longifolium hincksianum 'Crooked Creek' from you. It's doing well but a couple of...
  13. iBreed

    Phrag besseae yellow

    Chc? Sorry Jean, I'm new here. What chc means? Thanks, Jose
  14. iBreed

    Hello from Spain

    Bienvenido Bienvenido Secundino (I like how it rhymes). Feliz año nuevo. Welcome from Texas. Where are you in Spain? Jose
  15. iBreed

    My introduction

    No much, always on a tight schedule. I always think in taking some time off and do it. Now mainly travelling to southern Brazil, however, last July I was in a station we have in the state of Roraima on the Brazil side by a river limiting Guyana and drove around the rocky hills and mountains...
  16. iBreed

    Phrag. Sunset Magic

    This is the second growth to flower, a new growth coming strong Jose
  17. iBreed

    My introduction

    Hello all. I have been quietly reading the posts, learning and enjoying the wonderful pics posted here for over a year now. At the same time started growing my orchid collection, mainly Phrags and lately Paphs (multi flowering type). Now, I’m starting to have some things to share so I decided...
  18. iBreed

    Phrag Fritz Schomburg

    This was the first flowering for my Fritz Schomburg. Pics taken back in August, only two flowers then; now it is growing a strong new shoot. Hope shape and number of flowers will improve. This is an indoor pic: These taken outdoor, color close to how flower looked. Jose
  19. iBreed

    Phrag. Sunset Magic

    Love the red dots on the border of pouch. It has been flowering for the last 3 months. This is Memoria Dick Clements 'Rocket Flash' 4N x Waunakee Sunset About 63% besseae
  20. iBreed

    Phrag. Sergeant Eric

    First post for me here. This is my Sergeant Eric, I like the colors in the pouch.