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  1. Stone


    Yes they do seem quite easy but this one took much longer than 1 year. I got the seedling in a weak state and had to nurse it a lot. There are 2 plants in this pot, the other one in bud and both have a couple of new shoots. Canhii is much slower than rung so far in my experience.
  2. Stone


    First flower
  3. Stone

    Opinions on Nutricote?

    I use nutricote 15.8 - 3.9 - 7.8 on everything. (yes everything) It's probably all that is required but I do give the occasional liquid feed with either organic or hydroponic to some plants. Both liquids high K. I prefer the K to be around the same as the N. For a medium sized plant in a medium...
  4. Stone

    Paphiopedilum helenae potting mix

    To complicated. Bark and charcoal or bark and pumice or just bark. My mix has gotten more and more simple over time. Now I just use bark and clay balls. Sometimes a sprinkle a bit of sand. Use the various grades to change water holding capacity. Trick is to grow them in small pots (roots a bit...
  5. Stone

    Paph. sanderianum

    Magnificent! Did you grow it from a seedling? How old?
  6. Stone

    Dend primulinum ...or close relative

    That grows more than a metre long.
  7. Stone

    Paph charlesworthii

    What is your set-up? charlesworthii seem to be very willing to bloom at temp mins from 5 to 15C but they take 2 years to mature a growth in my experience. A beautiful flower by the way!
  8. Stone

    Paph gratrixianum v. sulivongii

    Ok I had a look. I think it's a lot of rubbish. This is nothing remotely like gratrixianum. I will call it sulivongii. :)
  9. Stone

    Paphiopedilum micranthum fma album (What’s the deal?)

    First and foremost...patience. Lots of heat without rest when they are young. A good long rest and quite dry when they are mature and dormant. Not as much water as armeniacum when they are growing. At least 50% nitrate for most of the year. A fan 24/7 all year.
  10. Stone

    Paphiopedilum micranthum fma album (What’s the deal?)

    I had one. It was a strong plant but that was when I didn't know what I was doing so I stupidly killed it.
  11. Stone

    Paph gratrixianum v. sulivongii

    Since when did this become a gratrix?? I thought it was a species or a variety of barbigerum. I have a couple near flowering size. They have thick succulent leaves and they grow on limestone I believe.
  12. Stone

    Armeniacum x thaianum

    So which should be the pollen parent?
  13. Stone

    Armeniacum x thaianum

    I don't go for hybrids but I like the look of this one. I have both in flower now so maybe......
  14. Stone

    Paphiopedilum parishii culture advice

    Yep. I learned this the hard way...twice! Had 3 now have 1. Dianthum is similar too I think.
  15. Stone

    Dend primulinum ...or close relative

    Not that I've noticed.
  16. Stone

    Phalaenopsis mariae

    I love this species. Mine is also in flower at the moment. Reasonably ''cool'' growing too!
  17. Stone


    Cold! This year it got down to 3C a few times and 5C often. But 8-10 should be good enough
  18. Stone

    kovachii / diatomite

    If I could afford it I would use a lot more but unlike in NZ, where it's coming out of your ears, in AU it is very expensive!! :)
  19. Stone

    kovachii / diatomite

    I have only a young plant but is doing well in pumice/bark/shellgrit
  20. Stone

    kovachii / diatomite

    You have been mislead. Diatomite supplies Si mainly. You would get just as much Ca from pumice. (ie not very much) It is the physical properties of diatomite which you are looking for. Enter.....Pumice. A far superior medium as it attracts roots (hairs) rather than repel them as diatomite...