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    Hi from Spain!. My setup

    Welcome to the forum.
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    Hello from the Jersey Shore

    Hello and welcome.
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    Brassia Datacosa 'Coos Bay' AM/AOS

    Congratulations and it's lovely.
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    Cattleya gaskelliana pentaflamea ‘Star Wars’

    That is such a beautiful orchid.
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    Cattleya walkeriana rubra Lives!

    Those are beautiful flowers.
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    Came home to this...

    Where did that quote about the forum come from? And no-one should need to have a thick skin to be here. Please mind your manners while here.
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    WBW Mystery

    What a stunning orchid. I like that there is a light colored orchid image behind it.
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    Spring Blooms

    I just love your flowers. Thank you for showing them to us.
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    Two Awards

    Such interesting coloration and spotting on the flowers. I could see them blending in in a forest.
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    Cattleya Pink Diamond (orpetii x wittigiana)

    What a stunning color on that flower.
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    Cattleya lueddemanniana semialba ‘Moon Fall’

    That is so beautiful. I think of that as a classic orchid.
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    Utricularia bisquamata 'Betty's Bay'

    Oh I love these. Especially the photo of several at once.
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    some blooming cymbidiums

    Those later ones are so gorgeous! I love looking at the beautiful orchids.
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    some blooming cymbidiums

    Those are so pretty. The colors look good together.
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    Paph amabile 'Charles' AM xself

    That is really nice. That is a color combination that I've not seen before.
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    National Capital Orchid Show Feb 17-19

    Those are all so beautiful. How lucky to go and see them in person.
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    Sophronitis pygmaeas: A Color Portrait

    Those look wonderful. They have such an intense color.
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    Dimorphorchis lowii, D. rossii, other 3 species

    I love the color of the the periwinkle orchids. The others are lovely also, but I'm partial to blues.
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    a couple of phrags

    Those are so lovely.
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    Some of What I Have Flowering Right Now - New photo 1/06/2023

    Such beautiful orchids. They do brighten up a dreary winter day.