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  1. AndyT

    Wanted Who’s ordering from Sam’s flask sale?

    Sam said the flasks are going fast. He has done delayed shipments for me before, once for a couple months, so will probably be open to it.
  2. AndyT

    roth 'Chester Hills'

    No, the original photos are in focus. It's just the severely reduced size of these files to meet the ST photo uploading guidelines, which I didn't quite meet (<37 KB). Maybe I should just ignore that rule and upload some decent size photos.
  3. AndyT

    A pair of Paph randsii

    Hi all, My second real post! I feel so accomplished now. Here are two Paph randsii in first bloom. Both from Sam Tsui's "New World' x 'California Dream' sib cross. Not the 10 flowers of the best from that cross but a good start at 6 flowers each. At about 8 weeks open, these are well past...
  4. AndyT

    roth 'Chester Hills'

    Hi all, First time with a real post. Here is a piece of Paph rothschildiana 'Chester Hills' showing what I think is it's AM/AOS form and then some from looking at the award data. It's tag also says, 'FCC/RHS' but I don't know if that's correct, so if anybody can confirm or refute that, I'd...
  5. AndyT

    Hi from So Cal

    Hi All, I'm new to the forum and live in Southern California, right on the coastal Orange/LA county line and have been growing orchids for about 14 years. I've tried to restricted myself to Paph and Phrag species - an attempt to limit the size of my collection to the growing space in my...