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  1. W. Beetus

    Phrag. Fox Valley Fireball 'Cinnamon Fire' AM/AOS

    Great looking bloom!
  2. W. Beetus

    tranlienianum album

    Stunning bloom! This is another one I'd like to get eventually.
  3. W. Beetus

    Phragmipedium Franz Glanz and Phrag. besseae 'Carlisle'

    What a nice set of blooms! Wonderful shape on the besseae.
  4. W. Beetus

    Phrag. Apollo 'Christmas Eve' (Fritz Schomburg x kovachii)

    I definitely like the big, round shape! Can't go wrong with the color either.
  5. W. Beetus

    Paph. Magic Lantern

    It's pretty accurate on my end. There's a lot of variability in different computer monitors and how they are calibrated, so it could be a little different on your end!
  6. W. Beetus

    Paph. Magic Lantern

    First bloom on one of my Magic Lanterns. This one sat around at a blooming size for over two years before deciding to finally flower.
  7. W. Beetus

    Phrag. Windsor Castle 'Windsor Red' AM.AOS

    Beautiful bloom, and nice picture! Usually the pictures of reds don't even come close to how nice your picture is.
  8. W. Beetus

    Phrag Bright Spot

    Very nice blooms! I have the same cross, but the 4N version, and the plant is massive. Yours looks nice and compact!
  9. W. Beetus

    paph philippinense

    Stunning blooms!
  10. W. Beetus

    T95053 rothschildianum (TN-RO-1 x TN-MM-2)

    Amazing blooms!
  11. W. Beetus

    Paph. Ho Chi Minh

    First bloom on my Ho Chi Minh, and while it's not very flat, the bloom is very large with an 11.8cm NS. And a side view. I just got a new camera, so I had to attempt a little more of a sophisticated shot! It's amazing how much more detail shows through versus the old camera!
  12. W. Beetus

    Paph. Liberty Taiwan 'Daniel'

    Still probably one of my favorite hybrids! Great bloom.
  13. W. Beetus

    Spring Parvi Hybrid Sale!

    Oh good. And yes, hopefully I'll be able to visit in September! Are there any dates out yet?
  14. W. Beetus

    Spring Parvi Hybrid Sale!

    Only the best parvi hybrids from Tom! And trust me, I have quite a few of them. :) I hope you're not trying to clear them all out to make space for more Phrags! Specifically, the Fumi's Delight I have from him is excellent, and also the Ho Chi Minh.
  15. W. Beetus

    Phrag besseae "Mega"

    That's amazing how round it is!
  16. W. Beetus

    Paph. micranthum

    Very nice markings on the bloom.
  17. W. Beetus

    Phrag. Fritz Schomburg

    What a great bloom! I really like the shape.
  18. W. Beetus

    Paph micranthum

    Nice round shape!
  19. W. Beetus

    Gongora grossa

    Stunning plant!