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  1. polyantha

    Old School Roth

    We more and more forget how the original roths actually looked like. I am glad that some of us still grow them.
  2. polyantha

    Old idea, new action

    You are an honorable man!
  3. polyantha

    H E L L O

    Welcome from Switzerland!
  4. polyantha

    Paph Roth 'starlight' x Paph Roth 'paris '

    Are you sure it is not 'starship' x 'paris'? I can give you more details tomorrow, they are both from the same parents (Taiwanese breeding) and are owned by Hilmar Bauch (Asendorf).
  5. polyantha

    Removing yellowing leaves

    Cutting or not cutting... It seems that's a matter of taste. Cutting yellow leaves will not harm the plant after my experience, as long as they don't have chlorophyll anymore (I let them dry out completely tough). This molecule is quite hard to produce by the plant and is generally absorbed...
  6. polyantha

    Paph. anitum deflasked in pictures

    The tesselation of the leaves looks right to me. Altough the colour might be a little on the green side instead of the bluish teint they usually have. But maybe this comes later. I have sown some anitum flasks a week ago. I wonder how these will develop and if they are different than the ones of...
  7. polyantha

    Paph. anitum deflasked in pictures

    I think they are on a good way. Even the bigger anitums tend to slow down their growth without any reason you might think. Well, it still is a difficult species and we have to accept that I guess. "Too much light, too little light, not enough ferts?" I don't think that it is a good idea to give...
  8. polyantha

    Paph. Michael Koopowitz x gigantifolium

    Yes. I check how much cites costs and then I will tell you. Or phraggy takes it. Or someone else. We will see.
  9. polyantha

    Paph. Michael Koopowitz x gigantifolium

    Everything correct except the skinny leaves. They are actually quite wide. Wider than roth and less wide than gig. I'd love to give it to you if there was a way :)
  10. polyantha

    Paph. Michael Koopowitz x gigantifolium

    I didn't buy it. Got it alongside with sandies, roths, kolos, gigs, philis about 10 years ago. I paid only for the species. Some of the species were not right either...
  11. polyantha

    Paph. Michael Koopowitz x gigantifolium

    Well, you all confirmed my doubts. It's not the first time something of Asendorf didn't bloom correctly. And it annoys me. If someone is interested please contact me. Because otherwise I might throw it in the trash :evil: My TRUE gigs need all the space they can get.
  12. polyantha

    Paph. Michael Koopowitz x gigantifolium

    First time bloomer. Sorry for the bad lighting, had no time to get a better shot. It has a very nice yellow colour that is even more intense in reality. It is quite a big plant already: +- 90cm/ 36in LS. This one is for sale (I'm a species guy ;) ), PM if interested.
  13. polyantha

    paph.Michael Koopowitz

    That's what I am talking about. Very nice plants!
  14. polyantha

    Paph Michael Koopowitz

    Well, don't be disappointed, but I think something is not right with the flower. Hope it will be better next time. Petal length is good tough.
  15. polyantha

    Orchid 'apprentice'

    It sounds weird, but when it comes to indoor growing orchids you can learn alot from the guys growing cannabis. Light, watering systems, air etc. are factors they discuss alot more often than we do. It also helps if you want to set up a growing room... As for growing paphs from seed I can...
  16. polyantha

    Paph. anitum

    Very nice plant eggshells. I agree. Constant moisture might be the most important factor imho. If you are growing them in a greenhouse you should find a shady spot. If you have plants like vandas hanging down, place them (not directly) under those plants so that the light has to pass their...
  17. polyantha

    Paphiopedilum villosum in situ

    I must say that you are a crazy orchid fan. And I mean it in a positive way. How did you spot this little guy high up there?
  18. polyantha

    Some large paph rothschildianum

    I see alot of roots. Your are growing them very well. Without the intension to change the subject of this thread too much: may I ask what fertilizer you are using?
  19. polyantha

    Blooming season comes! Let's begin bud watching!

    That kolo is looking very healthy :clap:
  20. polyantha

    Some Paphiopedilum blooming

    Always a pleasure to look at your pictures. You have some interesting plants there. Thanks for sharing.