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  1. John M

    Paph. lowii fm aureum ‘Mango’

    OMG!!! Wow! Wonderful!
  2. John M

    Laelia lundii

    Thank you so much, everyone! Unfortunately, since I sell orchids to live, one of the difficult things I must do is chop up big plants and sell the bits to pay the mortgage! When the Cedar root mount finally rotted, I chopped up the plant into dozens of pieces and sold them. This plant...
  3. John M

    Laelia lundii

    And just 4 years earlier in 2010
  4. John M

    Laelia lundii

    I'll repost them for you. The originals were linked from the now defunked Orchid Source Forum.
  5. John M

    Cattleya percivaliana ‘Summit’ FCC/AOS

    It's a very beautiful flower! It makes a stunnimg specimen with all the new bulbs in bloom at the same time. Back in the early 90's, Carter & Holmes had mericlones for sale. Other nurseries probably also made mericlones. It's a highly desirable species and clone.
  6. John M

    paphiopedilum charlesworthii fma sandowiae

    Send it to live with me, Leslie! I'll know how to trigger it!
  7. John M

    Paph. lowii fm aureum ‘Mango’

    That is wonderful! It's positively peachy-orange! It's not really fma. aureum. Could this be a new, distinct, colour morph?
  8. John M

    Phrag. besseae for sale.

    Thanks everyone. This plant sold. Eric, yes, it is Orchid Zone breeding. Alex,....sorry.
  9. John M

    Phrag. Jason Fischer 'Hot Vision' 4N

  10. John M

    Paph ciliolare

    Oooooooh, that's NICE!!!
  11. John M


    Oh, that is beautiful!!! I had just one very good clone; but, it was one of the heartbreaking casualties of my bad water quality issues last winter. This is such a great species!
  12. John M

    Phrag. besseae for sale.

    Phrag. besseae. $60. Recently repotted. Great roots. Has some marks from mechanical damage. All healed now. Of course, next new growth will come up perfectly clean and larger. Pick up or shipping within Canada only.
  13. John M

    Few more Paphis in autumn 2020

    Very nice fall display!
  14. John M

    Long time......

    Hey, thanks very much!😎
  15. John M

    Paph. Fumi's Delight 'Synea' AM/AOS

    Hot and dry during the daytime is a problem for buds. Hopefully you can change that.👍
  16. John M

    Cattleya maxima first bloom seedling.

    Thank you everyone! 🙂
  17. John M

    Cattleya maxima first bloom seedling.

    I really like this one. The colour is very even, the flower is large and the petals are held well and symetrically.
  18. John M

    Dendrobium cuthbersonii Season!!

    Wow! I loooooooooove these!
  19. John M

    Paph. Fumi's Delight 'Synea' AM/AOS

    Thanks again everybody. HappyPaphy7, do you chill your FD? I grow this one at the cool end of my greenhouse where temps get down to 12°C at night in the winter. Sometimes in the summer, they get that low, too. I refuse to put on the heater on June, July, or August.
  20. John M

    Paph. villosum fma. aureum

    Love it......them!