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  1. Duck Slipper

    Paphiopedilum lowii

    Excellent! Good job!
  2. Duck Slipper

    A triploid Fritz.

    Very nice!
  3. Duck Slipper

    NYEric this reminded me of your grow space!

    I really don’t understand how she waters everything?
  4. Duck Slipper

    Paph. Delrossi repot

    Impressive roots. God job!
  5. Duck Slipper

    Evaporative Cooler for Basement Grow room

    😳 WOW! I’m impressed!
  6. Duck Slipper

    Got my first order from Orchid Inn today

    Yes... 4-5 different Phrags he has on his website now. I purchased a Kovachi from him about a year ago. It’s not doing so good, but it isn’t his fault.
  7. Duck Slipper

    Paph St Swithin

    Good job and Congrats!
  8. Duck Slipper

    Paph henryanum ‘Bear’ SM/TPS x self

    Would love to see pics Mr. Littlefrog.
  9. Duck Slipper

    Paph henryanum ‘Bear’ SM/TPS x self

    Nice, keep us posted!
  10. Duck Slipper

    Best place to buy shade cloth?

    www.shadeclothstore.com There is more on line. One I ordered from had a minimum order and took a couple weeks.
  11. Duck Slipper

    New seedlings

    Looks good Hakone and I like your auto watering system.
  12. Duck Slipper

    Cattleya lueddemanniana

    I like lueddemanianna’s...I can’t smell very good, but I can smell these! Good job! Duck
  13. Duck Slipper

    Paphiopedilum barbigerum var. aureum

    Good job...Did you say above, two years from flask to bloom?
  14. Duck Slipper


    Good job!
  15. Duck Slipper

    Cockroach damage to flowers

    I hate roaches, too find them eating my orchids...I would be doing something. I have mealeybugs and basically control them with alcohol and a Q-Tip. I just hate chemicals, any and all of em. If I spray an insecticide, I’m killing the bad bugs, and the good ones, and exposing myself and other...
  16. Duck Slipper

    New from New York!

    Welcome, from Kentucky.
  17. Duck Slipper

    Paphiopedilum Harold Koopowitz

    Mine bloomed in early mid July and is still flowering now.
  18. Duck Slipper

    Paph rothschildianum 'Sam's Best' x 'Rex'

    I like roths., all of them, droopy, frumpy, woppyjawed or perfect...let’s see ’em all.
  19. Duck Slipper

    Paphiopedilum Harold Koopowitz

    I like Harold Koopowitz’s. Beautiful foliage and bloom, and this one looks great...