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  1. Duck Slipper

    Distilled water???

    I have never read any opinion, thoughts or musings about this...so, here goes! Why can‘t you use water from the condensate line of your air conditioner? This is basically distilled water...isn’t it? My central air unit produces 10-15 gallons a day. I used to have plants in the shade of my house...
  2. Duck Slipper

    Paph. Harold Koopowitz

    Bought two of these last winter. Repotted this past spring when I moved them outside and this one sported a bud. I have been concerned with the 90’ temps, storms and windy conditions and the spike just keeps on growing!
  3. Duck Slipper

    Paph. henryanum

    Twin sisters!
  4. Duck Slipper

    Paph. concolor x thaianum

    Sorry for the bright lighting, actually turned out lights for this pic.
  5. Duck Slipper

    Swamp coolers vs. High pressure misting

    Hoping to pull the trigger on a greenhouse in about two months. I don’t think fans and shade cloth can keep a gh cool enough in Kentucky summers. With that said for $1000-$2000 a good evaporative cooler can be bought...also a high pressure mist system. I’m wondering what people opinions are...
  6. Duck Slipper

    Cattleya aurantiaca???

    I purchased this Cattleya about 15 years ago. It was labeled a Cattleya aurantiaca but I have not seen any species like this. Just wondering if someone else has. It blooms easily this time of year after a 1-2 month rest period. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Duck
  7. Duck Slipper

    Michael Koopowitz

  8. Duck Slipper

    What to do about sowbugs?

    I’m having a population explosion of sowbugs, pillbugs, whatever you call them. When watering I am seeing quite a few come to the top...in different plants, but scattered throughout many. Anything I can safely water with to kill them that won’t harm paphs, Phrags, phals and catts?
  9. Duck Slipper

    Sorcerers Apprentice

    Sorry if the resolution is poor, lighting too. But, Sorcerers Apprentice is liking this hot weather.
  10. Duck Slipper

    Cypripedium sabine

    2 growth plant that was a single growth last year. Have 2 pubescens that are up but not flowered yet...have others that are not up yet, Kentuckiense and some hybrids. Not sure if they will come up.
  11. Duck Slipper

    Phrag. Grande

    From Joe Kunisch @ Bloomfield Orchids 1995.
  12. Duck Slipper

    Phrag. Caudatum

    Purchased this from Joe Kunisch at Bloomfield Orchids about 1995
  13. Duck Slipper

    Phrag. Fritz Schomburg

    Phrag. Fritz Schomburg besseae “First Kiss” x Kovachi “Purplicious”
  14. Duck Slipper


  15. Duck Slipper

    Warm mist humidifier

    About 6 weeks ago I purchased a "Warm Mist Humidifier". It cost $28 dollars at WalMart. When it is cold and the furnace runs in the house humidity gets down to 40% or so. After using this humidifier for 6 weeks, it works great. I basically have orchids growing in two rooms, so I went and bought...
  16. Duck Slipper

    4.75” rain

    Despite 4.75” of rain in the last 48 hours this Cyp. Frosch Sabine was bent down in the water. Propped it up, 1 growth, 1 flower, maybe it will make it!
  17. Duck Slipper


    There are many successful growers on here on windowsills and under lights, as Tom Reddick's chronicles prove. I am currently growing orchids on a windowsill and under lights since 1998. I think it would be fascinating and aspiring to see pics of the exterior and interior of enthusiasts...
  18. Duck Slipper

    Hello from Western Kentucky,

    I've been lurking in the shadows on this forum for quite a while. Bought my first orchid in 1998. Basically I have a south facing window with some complex paphs, Phragmipidium Caudatum, Grande, and Sorcerers Apprentice that are currently in bloom, and 3 Phaleonopsis that are blooming also. Would...