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  1. shariea

    Rescue Aliceara Patricia McCully

    I rescued this in 2016 from the grocery store, and have been nursing along tiny pseudo bulbs as they gradually all died but this one. It is still a small plant but YEA!!!! Open flowers yesterday! Time heals all wounds?
  2. shariea

    Paph Doll's Kobald x Baby Boo Boo

    This was working on opening yesterday. It looks like P. charlesworthii with the colors of the dorsal and pouch flip-flopped. Considering that it is 50% charlesworthii, this is a predictable outcome? It is a strong grower with another fan starting a flower and 3 other new growths. All in a...
  3. shariea

    Thanks Little Frog!

    One of the seedlings I bought from you at Michiana Orchid Show Oct 2019 is in low bud!!! Paph Doll's Kobald 'Pink Dorsal' x Baby Boo Boo 'Green Dorsal Pink Pouch'. Is this from an Orchid Inn flask?
  4. shariea

    Paph ?????

    I purchased a compote of plants labeled Paph. acmodontum a year and a half ago. This is the first to bloom (of course it is the one I gave to a friend), and it is WAY not acmodontum. Can anyone hazard a guess? It really is quite nice. The leaves are mid-green, slightly tessellated, and the...
  5. shariea

    Phrag DonWimber?

    I bought this on ebay as Don Wimber, breeding listed as by Chuck Acker. Is it really DW? I know there is a lot of variability in grex, but WOW. It is a "first bloom" obviously!
  6. shariea

    Paph Memoria Sabrina Mark

    Flower open on 3/29. I found the sheath on 12/16/20. Wow--did this take FOREVER to open!!
  7. shariea

    Catasetum and cold tolerance

    So I bought 3 Catasetum from Ebay and they were delivered in the afternoon after I left for work (2nd shift). Temps were 50F when I left for work at 2PM--down to 40F when I got home at midnight. The USPS driver usually will put packages in the entry way if they are labaled as plants. However...
  8. shariea

    Hi from Indiana!

    I have used this site as a resource, and finally decided to join up. I don't usually have a lot to say-just sayin'. I was given this as a division just under a year ago. Phrag Fliquet.WHEEE!!!!!