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    Paph. Delrossi repot

    Nice looking plant and roots. Unfortunately, they are not an easy hybrid to bloom.
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    Habenaria carnea fma nivosa

    Hmmm, I just put mine in baggies, seal them and forget about them until they start to come up again.
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    Some Australian terrestrials

    Mine come up. and die down, No flowering. :(
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    Phragmipedium Apollo ( Fritz Schomburg x kovachii )

    Looks like straight Fritz. Yay besseae hybrids!
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    Phragmipedium Bel Croute

    I saw that before. I love Dendrochilum and their subtle scents. Thanks for sharing.
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    NYEric this reminded me of your grow space!

    Search for "Miscellaneous Stuff" here. It was a running log of my growing including a list of plants, shows, and our apartment.
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    Stanhopea wardii

    Very nice, thanks for sharing.
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    Phragmipedium Bel Croute

    I'm not a fan of brown Phrags. That Dendrochilum though!!!! :)
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    Phrag QF ula'ula (Haley Decker x Eric Young) Double Spikes

    Caramba! That is really well grown! Thanks for sharing. Where did you get it? Yay besseae hybrids!
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    Help with my Phrag Frank Smith

    Nope, not bugs. Internal issue. Good luck.
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    Evaporative Cooler for Basement Grow room

    I see, the old Brownstone step down! :) I would have put Cyps in that box!
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    Habenaria carnea fma nivosa

    Nice. Thanks for sharing.
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    Marlow Orchids closing...

    That sucks. Going to call them.
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    Help with my Phrag Frank Smith

    What's on the other side of the leaves
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    Evaporative Cooler for Basement Grow room

    Just curious, how is that a basement? Looks more like a first floor/ground level garage.
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    My beautiful ladies

    Yay besseae hybrids! Welcome to the best Slippers!
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    Paphiopedilum helenae Blooms

    Nice. Looks like the pub minus the social distancing. If you need to get rid of some...
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    Fritz update

    Hideous! I'll take it off your hands! :) Yay besseae hybrids! Thanks for sharing.
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    Harvey Man Hee Wong & SFG

    Wow! That's some yellow!