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    Paph. sukhakulii gone wrong

    HB73 hahaha ! That particular flowering --- the pic you took was awesome actually. That's a really special occurrence for sure. Loved that pic, and thanks for sharing it.
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    Fungus gnats and no Gnatrol

    I purchased Mosquito Dunks ------ purchased via mail order from USA a year or more ago. Still waiting for my chance to use and try some! I think I will try some this summer. They apparently won't harm orchids. I think I'll just break up one of those 'tablets' of Mosquito Dunks, and water some...
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    Help, please. Does this look bacterial? Or what is it??

    I think that plant viruses do it real tough too. They probably have a hard time surviving as well. In my under-the-balcony growing area, I just follow what some other growers recommended ...... eg. to not splash water, and not re-use water for watering, and not allow one orchid's sap or juice...
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    Help, please. Does this look bacterial? Or what is it??

    southernebelle - if you are worried (even a little bit) ----- if ----- then I wouldn't worry about it. Viruses are everywhere - just like bacteria. And we humans are like virus/bacteria populating and decimating - messing up the planet (body). As a home grower - I don't test for virus - and...
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    NYEric this reminded me of your grow space!

    That's what I was thinking. It will be quite a feat.
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    NYEric this reminded me of your grow space!

    Pete ------ nice price. On ebay in Australia ----- some people are selling Monstera deliciosa borsigiana variegata for 'ridiculous' prices ------ putting price tags of up to 5000 or 6000 (ie. 6 thousand) Australian dollars for plants. And maybe single root cutting under auction - fetching...
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    Paph. sukhakulii gone wrong

    Nice one HB73! Nice one! We seen movies like the latest Lion King movie ------ where they can digitally generate anything from plants to animals etc --- all very realistically. You really had us on this one! Nice! Or very nice glue work!
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    NYEric this reminded me of your grow space!

    hahaha! That would be an awesome sight. Nice!
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    NYEric this reminded me of your grow space!

    Did NYE make a video of his grow space too?
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    Piping Rock sold!

    I certainly hope not! George ----- what's the hold-up? (only kidding hehehe).
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    Marlow Orchids closing...

    In Australia, we had a time of 'panic buy' for 'rest-room paper'. It might be a time for panic buy for orchids.
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    Stanhopea wardii

    While Caleana major is definitely a duck orchid --- Stanhopea also reminds me of ducks heheh
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    Community pots

    Maybe anytime you want. You could repot it today. Next year is ok too. Just depends on how busy you are, or when you would prefer to pot them etc.
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    Paphs are deathtraps.

    So now the evolutionary link to sarracenia reveals itself!
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    Pros and Cons of Grodan rock wool mini cubes

    In general ------ definitely --- something like that. The old 'sweet spot' or 'sweet region' or 'suitable range' way of thinking. Otherwise ----- the other schools of growing, such as hydroponics ----- where some help may be needed too, such as aerating the water to keep the oxygen levels up at...
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    Cockroach damage to flowers

    Could try a 'pestrol' brand outdoor puffer ----- placed near your flowering orchid. It can automatically fire off a puff of pyrethrum into the air every 15 mins, or every hour (or whatever the options are) and rain down safely and gently - not affecting the flowers at all, but should handle...
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    Haven't got a pH reading yet Mark. We're just waiting on photos too. Including pH will be good information too.
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    The old days.

    I think that's what is happening ------ a lot of people may be starting to have extra time, or too much time on their hands ----- so ordering and getting orchids to grow etc. It is a good thing! (until maybe they end up back to normal ------ and then they may have a pile of orchids on their hands).
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    A problematic cattleya lueddemanniana

    If that is consistently the same, then that will be awesome, as then you can have other lueddemanniana ones flower at those different times, and then you'll have the best of all worlds haha. I definitely like that.
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    ----> Update: ok .... just saw your message about 'flushing pot weekly' ------ so ok. See if you can upload some pics ..... eg. use google drive like I did ----- one option.