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  1. cnycharles

    Fungus gnats and no Gnatrol

    If you’ve used gnatrol before, then you’ve used biological controls already since they are beneficial nematodes. I did a simple google search, saw a result of ‘gnatrol home depot’ and saw a number of ways to find gnatrol. I also saw a number of home controls to control fungus gnats, including...
  2. cnycharles

    Rockwool for pleurothallids

    A while back in upstate ny I had a media I used for phals and other things in my grow carts. It was i think 50% or more mini cubes, some charcoal, sponge rock and other things. I had fans inside the covered carts and I ended up losing a lot if plants because they dried out too hard. I had very...
  3. cnycharles

    Habenaria carnea fma nivosa

    :) mine have survived south jersey windowsills and on top of radiators with styrofoam sheets between during winters with haphazard waterings. If they live for me then shouldn’t be too hard. But the aquarium setups should allow for the best conditions for them to multiply better
  4. cnycharles

    Paphiopedilum henryanum ‘EggPlant’

    :) that is very dark
  5. cnycharles

    Phal equestris coerulea

    👍 it’s one of the new ‘air’ plants
  6. cnycharles

    Paph henryanum ‘Bear’ SM/TPS x self

    I did stake it after this pic
  7. cnycharles

    Habenaria medusae x sib

    Thank you setaylein! This is very helpful
  8. cnycharles

    Community pots

    :D yes there are healthy enablers here; seeing ‘everything’ you don’t have can lead to explosive collection numbers!
  9. cnycharles

    Phalaenopsis bellina

    Very nice
  10. cnycharles

    Paph henryanum ‘Bear’ SM/TPS x self

    I think this was two years ago. Looking at the flower, I remember seeing it or a sib at an orchid show, in flower and my liking the fact that it has a relatively ‘normal’ pouch size. I don’t prefer the huge jaw pouches that many have...
  11. cnycharles

    Longifolium fma album ‘fox valley mint’ x self

    I did find a small plant stake and remembered that I had a whole bag of spiedie skewers :) and I found a bag of long green floral wire that came in very handy. Although I did stake my hab medusae initially with a rusted off aquarium fish net handle
  12. cnycharles

    Paph henryanum ‘Bear’ SM/TPS x self

    I think I’ve had two other blooms on it, it seemed nice before
  13. cnycharles

    Longifolium fma album ‘fox valley mint’ x self

    I used to have lots of stakes, now almost none. Have to find something ... Today!
  14. cnycharles

    Habenaria medusae x sib

    From Marlow orchids I’ve kept it alive through two winters and seasons, but can’t find the right moisture balance when it’s actively growing. Almost rotted the new growth having it too wet in an ebb/flood trough so took it out and then gets a bit too dry. But the buds are still forming so will...
  15. cnycharles

    Paph henryanum ‘Bear’ SM/TPS x self

  16. cnycharles

    Longifolium fma album ‘fox valley mint’ x self

    One of the two buds is growing so quickly, I think it’s going to open tonight!
  17. cnycharles

    Cool flower and bug! ID’s please

    Yes it is gravity defying :) . Does anyone know which species it is? (Whether native or foreign) ty