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  1. J

    Plants Update After 8 weeks’ Absence

    Thank you for sharing your valuable pearls of wisdom. Truly appreciated!!
  2. J

    Montreal Orchid Show 2023

    Beautiful pictures, thank you for sharing. I went to the SOOS show in Toronto for the first time in over ten years and was barely able to see two of the displays. I just saw a lot of cell phones and sadly people taking tags out of display pots ... it will be a lot longer than ten years before...
  3. J

    Spring Blooms

    All are beautiful and kudos to your great photography. I have always loved Mini Mark, now Liu’s Cute Angel is added to the list. Thanks for sharing
  4. J

    After 40 years - rethinking my place in the world of orchids

    What an amazing exchange here people. The posts here shed light on many aspects of internet benefits and detractors. I work in health care and can't believe the effects of both good and absolutely horrific misinformation courtesy of how individuals manage to promote themselves on various...
  5. J

    Phragmipedium Acker's Classic

    beautiful blooms and great photography. Thank you for sharing
  6. J

    Paph urbanianum

    Wow, great colour and markings
  7. J

    Paph philippinense

    One of my favourites also. Absolutely stunning
  8. J


    very nice shape and great colour
  9. J

    Dealing with being laid off.

    OOOO! I have been dabbling in the rose propagation and growing the last few years and I love it !! The history finding the right rose for the right growing space .. loved the challenge, I find it almost as addictive as the orchid intersest, but if it could be my employment .. I could...
  10. J

    Dealing with being laid off.

    Wow, I cannot believe the breadth and extent of the support in this group! There are truly some amazing people here. I truly wish each and everyone of you good luck, peaceful moments and every possible happiness. Your thoughtful words and sharing are a definite asset during uncertain times...
  11. J

    thianum x (Stone Lovely x sib)

    beautiful!! stunning clear colour
  12. J

    Paphiopedilum charlesworthii fm. sandowiae ‘Her Majesty’ FCC/AOS

    Absolutely stunning in its simplicity, a true celebration of form
  13. J

    Trio of malipoense

    Absolutely beautiful! I smiled at how long it took me to pan the length of the spike :)
  14. J

    Norito Hasegawa

    Beautiful shape! I have a NH cross with Fanaticum. It has not bloomed for me yet, but your share has brought renewed optimism ☺️
  15. J

    Greetings from Ontario!

    Welcome from Ontario as well. WOW growing since you were ten .. that is inspiring!!
  16. J

    Paphiopedilum philippinense var roebelenii 'Coco' AM/AOC

    wow!! Amazing plant, stunning flowers and great photography! Thank you for sharing and inspiring us
  17. J

    Paph Prohill 'You'll Do' 2022

    Beautiful colour with amazing shape and balance, a joy to see this beauty, many thanks for taking the time to share
  18. J

    Paph Magic Lantern album

    Wowza, shape, colour, and you managed to show the beautiful leaves as well for us .. Thanks, Stephen for the share .. made my day
  19. J

    Paphiopedilum White Lady

    Love them all !! Mind you I seem to love ALL white flowers. Thank you for sharing
  20. J

    Phrag Inca Rose 3N (besseae 'Rob's Choice' 4N AM/AOS x Pink Panther 'Pink Eye')

    Beautiful, I specifically like the colour shift at the bloom's "equator" .. striking! Not only do you grow a beautiful prag, but you take a great photo ... I will give the bloom some credit for being so photogenic ;)