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  1. Slipperhead

    The Elusive Vietnamense: Third Odyssey

    Stake it up right and stop fiddling with it!!! Looks good, so far!
  2. Slipperhead

    Paph myanmaricum

    Is myanmaricum available in the USA yet? Looking for it and other species!
  3. Slipperhead

    NEW FCC!!! Marriott Orchids!

    If you are interested, here are some other shots from the show!
  4. Slipperhead

    NEW FCC!!! Marriott Orchids!

    Folks, you gotta' see this! Hadley Cash just earned his third FCC at the annual Virginia Orchid Society Show in Richmond, VA yesterday! Check out his complex Paph. Magic Meadow 'Monument'. This plant scored 90pts after a grueling judging session (no kidding). Apparently some of the judges...