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  1. kitfox


    I can't think of a single instance where I have repotted a plant and regretted it. Alas, my chronic laziness and putting off repotting has cost me...😂
  2. kitfox

    Phrag. Schroederae

    I have a unique skill of being able to kill an orchid and immediately forget all about it as if I had never owned it...but even this talent fails on the loss of one of my all-time favorites...the 'Kepley Rose' cultivar of this cross. I'll never forgive myself for that one, and really wish I...
  3. kitfox

    Warm-growing Cypripediums?

    Probably your best hope will be Plant Delights Nursery in Raleigh. Summer there is warmer, but you have fewer chill hours in the winter. Cyp. acaule has native stands close to you, but I am unaware of anyone selling this species, much less one adapted as far south of the Mason Dixon line as...
  4. kitfox


    I am preparing to use the nuclear option for these. I have used orthene for scale before, and never had any adverse impact on my orchids, but never tried on Phrags. Has anyone used on Phrags and was there any issue? Also a Paph rothschildianum... I hate this stuff, but I like the idea of a...
  5. kitfox

    Dendrobium aggregatum

    Beautiful example! I love these. IMO, the most reliable Den there is. The more i neglect mine, the better it seems to do!
  6. kitfox

    Phrag ‘Leslie Garay’

    I think I have a ‘Cardinale’ with your name already on the tag, awaiting a string of warm days just like this one was...soon...saw the yellow of our first daffodils today!
  7. kitfox

    Phrag ‘Leslie Garay’

    An oldie but a goodie. I got this plant as a small, single growth plant and had very low expectations on multiple counts. I posted over on the current longifolium album (it’s pollen-parent is album) thread that I kind of hoped I wouldn’t like the bloom because the plant had gotten so large. LS...
  8. kitfox

    Phragmipedium longifolium album

    How big is the plant itself? Pretty big, I expect! My ‘Leslie Garay’ with an album parent is just about to open its first bloom. I almost hope I dislIke it; the plant is just so big. Three growths, and the blooming growth has a leaf span of just shy of 3 feet. It is taking up a sizable...
  9. kitfox

    Phrag. d'alessandroi 'DD #2'

    I will be watching...keep a little kitfox in mind...☺️
  10. kitfox

    Phrag. d'alessandroi 'DD #2'

    🤣 I meant I click his webpage link looking for the subject plant for sale! I see, I want!
  11. kitfox

    Phrag. d'alessandroi 'DD #2'

    Everytime you post, I click your link and it’s not there...😢
  12. kitfox

    Phrag. fischeri 'Purple Plum'

    OM gosh! How many blooms on that spike?
  13. kitfox

    Getting back into orchids

    You have really dived in! You have it bad...☺️
  14. kitfox

    Masdevallia mejiana

    No fragrance noted, good or bad! 😊
  15. kitfox

    Masdevallia mejiana

    The only white I’ve been lucky enough to bloom...tolerates intermediate conditions, which I struggle to almost provide. I keep it WET because my winter humidity flirts with the upper 20% range this time of year, but hey, it works...a little!
  16. kitfox

    Phragmipedium besseae flavum seedling

    I always grimace when someone gives me this advice! I understand exactly how you feel. I am old enough to know tomorrow isn’t promised, and my mantra is “pessimists are never disappointed”. Every spike is a treasure and I’m going to enjoy it right up until it blasts or blooms! 🤔🤣
  17. kitfox

    Phrag fischeri

    Time slows down when you watch one of these.... Here is the second bloom, I think this one is a bit nicer than the first:
  18. kitfox

    3rd schlimii

    You make it look easy! 😂 I love this one...
  19. kitfox

    Sophronitis coccinea

    I am jealous...Bloomed one once...and very quickly killed it. I have tried a few more times, with no success on blooming, but lots on killing them. 😔
  20. kitfox

    Water Quality

    If you don't like waste water from RO, get a deionizing column. They are fast, as well, and a big one won't require regeneration TOO often.