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  1. J

    large offering of paphs

    Dear Troy: I lied. I did get the Sukie compact after going back and back .. .. ... and back . . . .. .oh the madness
  2. J

    large offering of paphs

    I'd rather order phrags. .
  3. J

    large offering of paphs

    Chuck Acker has just put up a large offering of paphs divisions, larger plants . . .. . oh my . .
  4. J

    Hippeastrum 'Royal Velvet'

    If you have room, wait until it's safe to plant out in the garden in a row. In the dirt, not in a pot.The trick would be to keep it dark and dormant until it's safe to plant outside. Fertilize every couple of weeks. My friend does this and the bulbs are huge. IMO the pot cramps them. Be...
  5. J

    look for a sanderianum

    You might check at Windy Hill Gardens, in Missouri. Marilyn once gave me a freebie in an order, so I know she did have them. It's been a few years . . ..
  6. J

    Oldies are back

    Our economy thanks you. Let's make America great again . .. .
  7. J

    Oldies are back

    I notice Chuck Acker has remakes now of oldies and goodies that are harder to find. My last purchase of flask 557 was the best I've received !
  8. J

    I spy with my bloodshot eye: a sale

    I see paph price reductions on Chuck Acker's list for flasks. Don't miss them:drool: site: Flasks by Chuck Acker
  9. J

    Cost of running T5 set ups?

    I have heat tolerant masdevallias, five of them. They are blooming under the 13 watt LED's I got from First Rays. They are also reblooming.They are watered almost daily with rainwater and the leaves have better color than when I received the masdies. I'm thrilled. I've replace the furnace...
  10. J

    Phrag. Waunakee Sunset fma flavum

    Oh so nice !!!
  11. J

    Blooming in my basement

    Jason, what are you using for lighting in your basement? Thanks !
  12. J

    Aeridovanda (Neo. falcata x Aer. odorata)

    I like what the aerides odorata did to this flower. I wonder what would happen if V. coerulea was crossed onto this . . . . or the A."Blue Spur" divisions you sold on your site . . .Thanks for posting and I'll look for these on your site, Ray !!
  13. J

    Fox Valley Fireball compot (FV breeding)

    What's the parents of this Fireball cross?
  14. J

    Rhyncostylis are so slow

    Yes, that would be the one .. .
  15. J

    Ascda, Vandaenopsis & Catts

    Oh the color on #2 ! What are the parents of #3? I LOVE that !!!
  16. J

    Rhyncostylis are so slow

    It is in a basket with no media. It gets watered every other day in the basment. When it's outside with my other vandas in the summer if it stays warm, it gets water 3 times a day. Also a good source for vanda is Dr. Martin Motes is now selling on line. He has many that stay...
  17. J

    Rhyncostylis are so slow

    I got my Vanda Sansai Blue 'Acker's Pride' FCC/AOS from Chuck Acker, but he's now on his own and is continuing hybridizing phrags and paphs only. A couple of summers ago I got a few small ones of this clone at RF orchids. One I see is spiking. Orchids Limited carrries this one and also...
  18. J

    Rhyncostylis are so slow

    Go into RF orchids and read about the culture. Vandas are heavy feeders, if you have the right conditions. I live in Indiana. Our summers are sometimes quite cool at nights. Many like it hot and humid. Look at how much fert. is used in the summers in Florida. I use that strength too, but...