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  1. the jive turkey

    HELP on cooling orchid room

    I have 400mh and other lights so my place gets hot. AC runs constantly in summer but hooking up exhaust helps a lot. you could try first to blow a fan into the room and a fan out of the room.
  2. the jive turkey

    Restrepia species

    maybe Restrepia sanguinea
  3. the jive turkey

    HELP !! Someone is using my photo on EBAY

    ethical...meh. I agree with Cdub in the "not worth my time". the best way for someone not to steal your image is to not publish. think about how much time and money the music industry spends in coming up with to prevent downloading music. teh imternet is huge, what about ebay on the other side...
  4. the jive turkey

    Oyster Shell
  5. the jive turkey

    A couple of Habenarias

    those are nice! I want some! where did you get them?
  6. the jive turkey

    Lepanthes spp.

    it's nice!
  7. the jive turkey

    Is distilled water okay all the time?

    TheLorax = you can get a booster pump to raise the pressure like one here (I don't use well water and so have no experience using those pumps..)
  8. the jive turkey

    Lepanthes jayandellii

    I only have Lepanthes horrida. 2 pictures both from last year
  9. the jive turkey

    Lepanthes jayandellii

    three pictures of teeny-tiny Lepanthes jayandellii I've had it for about a year now neeeeet
  10. the jive turkey

    Let's post random videos.

    BUMP! Man Vs. Beast Takeru "Tsunami" Kobayashi Vs. Oso Kodiak
  11. the jive turkey

    Paph niveum and painting

    the writing will look cleaner if you use a stencil
  12. the jive turkey

    Stuff to do when you're bored at work

    can U name all 50 presidents in 10 minutes? I got 30
  13. the jive turkey

    Let's post random videos.

    Oh that's little superstar! Little Superstar RETURNS!!!!
  14. the jive turkey

    Rain Rain go away...

    $760 per month ?!?!???!
  15. the jive turkey

    Let's post random videos.

    Javelin throwing accident
  16. the jive turkey

    random links thread

    I want an island! whatever happened to...? Gross!
  17. the jive turkey

    Paranoid or reality?

    Or even better, look into missile defense...and if that's not an option, at least check into some kind of plant insurance or see if your home owner's insurance would cover the value of the plants. Anyone have a policy? and what would it cover?
  18. the jive turkey

    random links thread

    You need this
  19. the jive turkey

    random links thread

    How fat would you have to be to stop a bullet?