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  1. tmoney

    paph thaianum

    ok, here is a screencapture then of the upcoming vid! will be public tomorrow...but you guys get a sneak peak of the whole plant :) thaianum in front left with comparison to micranthum
  2. tmoney

    Paphiopedilum delenatii with 3 flowers on one inflorescence

    and, is it possible to get one of them? i am n germany, and if someone might be able to provide contact details for Burkhard it would be greatly appreciated!
  3. tmoney

    paph thaianum

    Howdy right now i don't have any great up close photos of the foliage. it is worth doing right and we will be posting a vid on our yt in a couple days. i will try and post up some good still of the leaves here then as well. but its got 5 leaves, all about 6-7 cm long and 1.5-2 cm wide...
  4. tmoney

    paph philippinense alba

    our first multifloral to bloom! and wow, do they fade fast or is it something with our culture?? hope you enjoy the pic, and also we did a quick vid of it on our yt channel. thanks for any advice on growing these and similar paphs
  5. tmoney

    paph thaianum

    had a hard time getting the white right on this pic, but we are happy all the same anytime a paph blooms!
  6. tmoney

    paph. gratrixianum (var. christiansonianum?)

    hey there slippertalk...paph gratrixianum has opened and we are pretty thrilled with it! also, if you are interested, please check out our yt vid with a description of the species and our culture. thanks for looking and hope you all are well! well, i haven't had issues posting images here...
  7. tmoney

    paph micranthum v. eburneum

    don’t visit here much unfortunately, but we got one of our paphs to bloom so thought i’d post a pic! had trouble with lighting and the wrinkles in the pouch, so please excuse the not great photo...
  8. tmoney

    Onc. Sharry Baby 'Ruby'

    yo, i can actually see the pictures now! hahahah since yours isn’t fragrant, i think you need another sharry baby in your house
  9. tmoney

    hello everyone

    howdy, and thanks for the welcome! currently, no, we only have a few Paphiopedilum, but you’re saying we should have phrags as well?! i know we were missing something....
  10. tmoney

    hello everyone

    hi slipper talk folks! just wanted to pop in and say hello and thanks for all the great discussion and lurking opportunities. i don't plan to create much content here, but perhaps might join in a convo from time to time as my partner and i have started expanding our orchid obsession into...