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  1. atlantis

    P. superbiens

    I wouldn´t mind to have such a beautiful well grown plants even without any flower. Congrats!:clap:
  2. atlantis

    Paph. chamberlanianum

    Lovely species. still waiting for mine to do anything
  3. atlantis

    Genevieve Booth

    looks impressive :clap:
  4. atlantis

    Spring Bud thread watch

    Paph. parishii here, guys :) And Paph. acmodontum has a suspicious face too...
  5. atlantis

    Paph urbanianum

    Much better coloured. Lovely species.
  6. atlantis

    Paph. Ho Chi Minh

    Well done. Surprising result!
  7. atlantis

    Paph hainanense

    Lovely little thing...
  8. atlantis

    Paphiopedilum rothschildianum x adductum var. anitum

    Very special! Congrats:clap:
  9. atlantis

    Paph. lowii

    An update. Both flowers opened.
  10. atlantis

    Paph. lowii

    Thank you everyone for your kind words :) Me neither, Dot. It´s difficult, very difficult (Yeah man, I´m a survivor!!!) Rick: first of all, I apologize. I completely forgot to talk about flower size! Flower is 12 cm NS, a quite good size IMO. As far as flower count is concerned...I...
  11. atlantis

    Paphiopedilum tonsum var. braemii

    Cute! Could you please tell us leaf span in mature growths? I have one too and, as I´ve never seen this plant before I don´t know how many lifes do I have to wait until it decides to flower. Thanks in advance.
  12. atlantis

    A four flowered lowii

    Really nice flowers!
  13. atlantis

    Paph urbanianum

    I´ve never seen a multigrowth urbanianum here. Nice to see they exist!!:clap:
  14. atlantis

    Paphiopedilum adductum

    one of the most intriguing species for me. Extremely well balanced flower IMO.
  15. atlantis

    Paph. delenatii album

    It REALLY album. Lovely!
  16. atlantis

    Paph delenatii 'Bubbles'

    wonderful flowers.
  17. atlantis

    Paph emersonii

    WHAT!!!???:drool::drool::drool: You make me want to throw my emersonii away direct to the bin.
  18. atlantis

    Paph. liemianum 2015

    Cute flower with a very nice pouch.
  19. atlantis

    Paphiopedilum delenatii f. album

    Lovely. I´m still trying not to kill every delenatii I buy.:o
  20. atlantis

    Paphiopedilum Deperle using delenatii dunkel

    So sweet! Love deli x cochlo hybrids! I have a flowering Delophyllum but all the flowers are deformed. As this is the first time that it spikes at home...I´ll give it a second chance. Meanwhile I´ll enjoy your pictures. Thanks for sharing :)