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  1. livingorchids

    Mexipedium xerophyticum in a bonsai pot

    I don't usually post but wanted to add that I also have had good success with bonsai pots and inorganic rock media that I use for my trees. The picture is of a small flask that I got about 2 years ago originating from Orchid Inn. I have not repotted since but will do it next season. It is...
  2. livingorchids

    Phrag. manzurii 'LeNguyen's Angel'

    I got this one from Ecuagenera in February and the flower is small. This one is a bit twisty but may have been because I moved it with buds from a rented greenhouse into a dry apartment when COVID-19 hit in NJ. I am also interested in a white manzurii so I will text you later.
  3. livingorchids

    Phrag. manzurii 'LeNguyen's Angel'

    Wow, I got a large manzurii (2 buds so far) from Ecuagenera in a February orchid show and hope the bud doesn't blast. Had to move many orchids around since COVID-19 and several, including my mexipedilum have blasted (3 buds turned brown with 1 left).