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  1. rdlsreno

    Cattleya trianae flamea ‘Sorpresa’

    Crossing fingers!
  2. rdlsreno

    Paphiopedilum coccineum ‘Little Booties’ AM/AOS

  3. rdlsreno

    Bulbophyllum kubahense

    I keep on killing my seedlings!😡
  4. rdlsreno

    Cattleya lueddemaniana flamea

  5. rdlsreno

    Paphiopedilum Wossner Black Wings 'Rajani' AM/AOC

  6. rdlsreno

    Paphiopedilum rothschildianum 'Anisha' AM/AOC

  7. rdlsreno

    Paphiopedilum phillipinense

  8. rdlsreno

    Paph Hilo Black Eagle

  9. rdlsreno

    Paph. Johanna Burkhardt ‘Anitchka’ AM

    Same plant.
  10. rdlsreno

    Paph. Johanna Burkhardt ‘Anitchka’ AM

    Won 86 points.
  11. rdlsreno

    Paph. randsii

    Here is a picture by Olaf Gruss of a jungle collected plant when he described and named the species. They are huge plants.
  12. rdlsreno

    Paph. randsii

    Excellent job!!!!! I always had difficulty growing better yet bloom Paph. randsii even when I was still living in the Philippines. I remember seeing them flowering with up to 12 or more per spike on big plants.
  13. rdlsreno

    Hadley Cash

    He was a great breeder and friend. He will be surly be missed.
  14. rdlsreno

    Aerides magnifica

    how large are the flowers? There are serration on the lip and side lobe which is absent in Aer. magnifica
  15. rdlsreno

    Phragmipedium Pink Panther (schlimii 'Pink Ice' x fischeri 'Tony')

    Really a nice one!!!!! Love it!!!!!
  16. rdlsreno

    NOID Cattleya

    Looks like RLC. Good News ‘Doris’
  17. rdlsreno

    Phrag. bessae fro Orchid Zone

    I got this two years ago. Finally flowered nicely. Still a small plant and grows so slowly. Yeay bessae!!!! Ramon:) Phrag. bessae