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  1. Nepenthe

    Greetings from an Old Member

    Oh gosh, yeah, I remember the Orchid Source. Thanks for the tip on Woodstream! I'm looking forward to putting together an order with them.
  2. Nepenthe

    Greetings from an Old Member

    Thank you! I'm glad to be back. I'm starting slow with my favorites, looking for a nice helenae, primulinum (v. album, the white not the OG cream) and a Phrag. Stairway to Heaven. Those are the guys I miss the most. I had a fantastic popowii, but I think this space may be a little too warm for them.
  3. Nepenthe

    Greetings from an Old Member

    Hello after over a decade! I used to be active on here as PracticallyOstensible, but the password and email associated with that account is long gone. So, I figured I'd start fresh! The last post I have on here is about the same time I lost my whole collection to a bad move. I really haven't...