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  1. Pete

    Paph Bel Royale 'GrandMaster'

    Hey Rick!! Long time. I was just searching for something I remembered back from my time here on the forum and found this post! Nice one! It was made with just "regular" (i.e. unawarded, typical forms of the species), albeit really nice ones. hope this helps, and hope you have been well! DM me...
  2. Pete

    jackii and violascens

  3. Pete

    Dusty Miller "Dapple"

  4. Pete

    Paph. Michael Koopowitz (16/1/2016 updated)

  5. Pete

    Recent blooms

    thanks, all
  6. Pete

    Recent bloomers

    interesting. d. datinconnieae seems to typically be different colored than this also. if they are considered synonymous then D. sarawakense has priority. They could very well be distinct taxa however.
  7. Pete

    Recent bloomers

    sounds good. the spur does recurve forwards, its just that it stops almost immediately after curving forward. it looks less pronounced because it is a short recurve
  8. Pete

    Recent bloomers

    I believe the taxon you're referring to is quite a recent discovery. this plant was collected in sarawak like 20 years ago and my late uncle saved it from death before he passed years back. Ive had this particular plant since 2007
  9. Pete

    More recent blooming a (misc. species)

    Oops! Sorry for the double posting. I been having a hell of a time getting my laptop to allow me to post so this and the last one had been from my phone!
  10. Pete

    More recent blooming a (misc. species)

    few more going off in the greenhouse lately... Habenaria medusa Dimeranda stenopetala 'Kate' AM/AOS - this one got its AM a few years back and has done nothing but get bigger, stronger and better since then. Dendrobium dearei and in the background Euanthe sanderiana var. album (a first...
  11. Pete

    Paphiopedilum primulinum 'Rina Marie' AM/AOS

    From a few months back. I got a few others I'm just trying to find the photos!
  12. Pete

    Recent bloomers

    Here a nice Bulbophyllum longissimum. I got a small division of this plan from the late Wilbert Chang some years ago and it has now turned into a wonderful specimen plant. He gave it to me with the label of "different strain from North Thailand" Dendrobium sarawakensis! One of my absolute...
  13. Pete

    Recent blooms

    The first is this nice Paph. godefroyae var. leucochilum grouping. A few selections from three different crosses. Next is a couple P. henryanum Lastly, a P. tranlienianum. I got seedlings from Holger some years ago and this is one of them.
  14. Pete

    Paph. Magic Lantern fma. albescens 'Daniel'

    i love this cross. always have. anybody have a lead on some more?
  15. Pete

    Uploading Photos on Slippertalk

    Aloha all. i tried to post a few pics just now but it keeps giving me an "internal server issue" reply and won't let me.. Im logged in and using photo bucket same way I always have.. any ideas?
  16. Pete

    Paph markianum (tigrinum) seedling medium

    it matters to a degree. in nature, there are often numerous fungal taxa that help to form the mycorrhizal connection. dealing with extremely rare, short range taxa of small populations lot plants ikely have rather specific and small groups (~3-5) of species to aid in their germination. this...
  17. Pete

    Paph Chia Hua Dancer 3 growth

    Eric I have one you can have for $50 if youd like. PM me
  18. Pete

    Angraecum sesquipedale

    pps- sorry for my extended absence from this forum. I didnt leave you all for another, just been focused 100% on my PhD. Aloha
  19. Pete

    Angraecum sesquipedale

    great growing Clark! glad to see that these bloomed for you. Thats pretty damn good for NJ i must say. Dot, or anybody else with doubts, that is 10000% pure sesquipidale. Not sure if this was from the selfing or the sib. that I did but I still have all parents, and a few of the keiki around...