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  1. J

    Barbata Fire

    such a tease:poke:
  2. J

    Den Oriental Smile 'Fantasy'

    Gorgeous!! it looks like my hair :p
  3. J

    Vanda coerulea

    ooo, so delicate and luscious :drool:
  4. J

    Cycnoches Jean E. Monnier 'Debbie Yvonne' Am/Aos

    WOW!!! that is simply stunning :drool:
  5. J

    The person below me game......

    false tpbm just dyed their hair blue :D
  6. J

    my outdoor plants

    hi its a green June beetle scientific name Cotinus nitida. their grub is a common pest in lawns around the west.their quite dumb for a beetle because they spend their day flying into things like walls.
  7. J

    Clowesia russelliana

    oh my gosh, i love those green stripes! :drool:
  8. J

    my outdoor plants

    most of them are, the trick is smelling them without getting a face full of stickers;)
  9. J

    Happy Birthday baodai!!!!

  10. J

    my outdoor plants

    the mamm smells like honey and sugar and the echinopsis smells like cucumber and melon. the echinopsis flower only lasted one day but i expect a better show next year.
  11. J

    Phal 45 blooms

    very nice! :clap:
  12. J

    Cattleya araguaiensis

    it smells like whiskey! i should get my dad one, maybe it would put him in a better mood:p
  13. J

    three-birds orchis in situ+

    cool pix, especially the one with the trees in the water :clap:
  14. J

    Phrag. Desormes

    ooo, i love pink!:smitten:
  15. J

    critters and big news!

    this is my dog sandy, i inherited her from my grandmother and every one kept insisting she was a devil dog form hell but, to tell you the truth, shes the sweetest dog ever! she is however afraid of cameras so these pix were hard to get :rollhappy: hiding in her house aww crap she found...
  16. J

    my outdoor plants

    this is the same mammillaria from a previous post, blooming like crazy after some recent monsoonal storms :D echinopsis multiplex i bought last time i was in phoenix, flowers smell like cucumber melon body spray or moon flowers or datura if you've ever smelled any of these they all smell...
  17. J

    What are you reading?

    last night i started reading orchid fever for like the ten thousandth time, i love that book:D
  18. J

    What's fer dinner?

    mmm, sounds delicious. too bad i'm allergic to shellfish or i'd try that recipe for sure.
  19. J

    Paph Angel Vein

    whoa! :clap::drool:
  20. J

    What's fer dinner?

    very impressive :drool: makes my mouth water :drool: