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  1. marriott orchids

    Orchid import gone wrong...

    I could have sworn overpopulation of the world and inherent greed was responsible for pretty much all of that!
  2. marriott orchids

    Paphiopedilum godefroyae - I could not resist

    You can't ship a plant in the US fo $8! If the plant were free you would still lose money in "selling it" for $8 and throwing in free shipping.
  3. marriott orchids

    Marriott Orchids newest Flask Listing...

    Thanks very much Justin!
  4. marriott orchids

    Marriott Orchids newest Flask Listing...

    Hi fellow Paph lovers! This is our most recent listing, and certainly some of the most exciting crosses Marriott Orchids has ever released. In converting the XL file to a pdf, it broke the images apart from the cross name and description. If you count down the block rows to the cross you want to...
  5. marriott orchids

    Marriott Orchids Facebook Paph Sales Group!

    Hi fellow Slippertalk compadres... I just set up a Facebook Sales Page Group a few weeks ago and wanted to invite any Slippertalk members to join the group. I am trying to post right now once a week and hope you enjoy looking through the photos and find some interesting offerings! Here's the...
  6. marriott orchids


    Don't know where you live, but here in NC our weather in December was half the heating degree days as the previous December. All Fall was much warmer. This pushes the buds and bloom cycle along too fast and can cause deformities, especially in really cool growers like armeniacum. She should come...
  7. marriott orchids

    Paph collection

    It's much harder to find a great woman than a great orchid! If you have to sell some plants to get the girl... do it!!! Hadley Cash
  8. marriott orchids

    Pod: (villosum x Orchilla 'Chilton' FCC/AOS)

    villosum! Sue, That's a great dorsal on the villosum, one of the flattest I've seen from the strain. The next blooming will be a far larger flower if the plants matures well. Great color and form as well! Hadley
  9. marriott orchids


    The Visit... Ernie, It was a pleasure to have you stop by, and glad you enjoyed the visit even though it was at absolute low bloom time of the year. I hope the villosums bloom like the ones I've bloomed so far... if so, you're in for a treat! I love visitors, so all are welcome; and thanks for...