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  1. Cordulus

    Paphiopedilum godefroyae - I could not resist

    Very cute plant. Something about that bloom reminds me of a starlight mint.
  2. Cordulus

    Paphiopedilum helenae

    Beautiful plants! This is a species that I've been trying to add to my collection for a while, but haven't been able to because it's always either out of stock or the grower is not selling.
  3. Cordulus

    Paph. Lynleigh Koopowitz

    This is currently the only slipper that I have in bloom - everything else is either busy growing or recovering from blooming. The spike initiated back in January and the bud opened maybe a week or so ago. I apologize for the blemishes on the flower; I just moved cross-country and the plant spent...
  4. Cordulus

    Too many Magic Lanterns

    What do you call a group of Magic Lanterns? An Illumination! Jokes aside, I love the display you have going on. Every single division looks very well-grown.
  5. Cordulus

    Paph. parishii and dianthum surprise

    Congrats on all those spikes. Mine decided that it would rather put out two new leads this year LOL
  6. Cordulus

    SAD, SAD Paph

    Sure, the flower has a droopy appearance, but look at that bold coloring! I honestly feel that these "oddballs" need more love. Not everything beautiful has to be flat and round, IMO.
  7. Cordulus

    Papilio-laoticus in bloom

    I'm really liking this species, from the flower size to the coloring/patterning.
  8. Cordulus

    Magic Lantern

    I love the bold pink on this one!
  9. Cordulus

    Cattleya Zip

    Super intense color on this one!
  10. Cordulus

    Papilio-laoticus bud forming

    Coming along nicely!
  11. Cordulus

    Paph. Magic Lantern - blah flower

    I'd say the flower has its good points despite the deformity. I love the soft pink color and the gentle picotee effect created by the darker bands along the petal edges. I agree with Ozpaph - there's always next flowering.
  12. Cordulus

    Paphiopedilum lowii

    Wow...what a spectacular show! It's like a massive fireworks display that is taking place over the plant.
  13. Cordulus

    Hybrid of Paph. rungsuriyanum - Paphiopedilum Fallersleben

    Interesting to see that the rung parent completely wiped out the henry's spots and bright pink lip. I can definitely see how you'd come up with that comparison. The flower does kinda give off a cochlo "vibe."
  14. Cordulus

    Paph Joyce Hasegawa

    I love the soft colors on this one. Is there any fragrance on this clone?
  15. Cordulus

    Yay! Paph. Moquetianum

    That's a nice, healthy plant. I love the twisty, hairy petals.
  16. Cordulus


    Ah, my mistake. Still, they all look happy and healthy as can be.
  17. Cordulus

    Paph. emersonii

    I've noticed that the growths top out at about 5 or 6 leaves before pushing out sheaths in the fall (in my area). The change in temps should help things move along (or trundle, as is the case with this species). Thanks! I'm cautiously optimistic about the new growths and the vigor. Given how...
  18. Cordulus


    That's a really nice, multi-growth plant. It looks like at least two of the growths are close to pushing out flowers.
  19. Cordulus

    Paph. Magic Lantern

    This particular clone came from Dave Sorokowsky/Paph Paradise. It has shown great hybrid vigor so far.
  20. Cordulus

    Paph. acmodontum

    Unfortunately, the tag on this one does not list its parentage. It's entirely possible that there were some named clones in its ancestry, given the bloom quality.