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  1. OrchidAnna

    Hello from Italy

  2. OrchidAnna

    My most favorite

    I say everything is my favorite when it’s in bloom. 🤷‍♀️ 😆 that said, I’ve really been enjoying bulbophyllums in the past year or two. Thai Spider was a favorite, as is ambrosia.
  3. OrchidAnna

    Even another new growth!

    I bought three phrags from Ecuagenera in October, and they all have new growth since I got them too! I'm so impressed with them. Adding my condolences for your family's loss.
  4. OrchidAnna

    Paph. Simplicite first bloom

    tranlienianum x villosum
  5. OrchidAnna

    Where to buy supplies?

    Thank you! I’ll have to take some time and look at all they have!
  6. OrchidAnna

    Where to buy supplies?

    I try not to use Walmart and Amazon, whenever possible. I also use Josh's for coco husk. Bonsai Jack for pumice and charcoal. I don't have a go-to place for bark, but I'll take a look at what Josh's Frogs has for options.
  7. OrchidAnna

    Where to buy supplies?

    I have a large number of plants that need to be repotted this spring, and I'd like to stock up on supplies before I start that project. I'd like some medium bark, fine bark, coco chips, and pumice, as well as a few different pot sizes. I've ordered everything separately in the past, but, is...
  8. OrchidAnna

    Paph. Simplicite first bloom

    Here's my Paph. Simplicite, purchased as a NBS seedling last June.
  9. OrchidAnna

    Mormodia Jumbo World 'Kanazawa' HCC/AOS

    I've been kind of afraid to let the medium on my Catasetums stay crispy-dry for too long, so I've been spritzing them a little once or twice a week. Is it really alright to let them dry completely indoors when there's almost no humidity in the indoor spot where I winter them?
  10. OrchidAnna

    Paphiopedilum Wood Wonder x Hsinying Leopard ‘Black Pearl’

    I thought this was kind of a fun hybrid. The photo is backlit to better show off the spots and stripes.
  11. OrchidAnna


    I can't wait to see how they grow!
  12. OrchidAnna

    Paph Lorraine’s Pride - deformed flower

    I kind of love it!
  13. OrchidAnna

    Disa Kewbett

    Especially when it first opened, it was very cupped, and I had thought it “should” be flatter. It has opened a bit more since then. And I’ve never seen anything quite this color before!
  14. OrchidAnna

    Disa Kewbett

    it’s a hybrid. I keep it under an LED, next to my alocasia, not with the rest of my orchids. I keep the medium constantly damp, and it’s been surprisingly easy so far! But I’ve only had it for a few months, so we’ll see if I can keep it happy long term.
  15. OrchidAnna

    Disa Kewbett

    Thank you!
  16. OrchidAnna

    Paph Leeanum

    I got my plant last year as a seedling from Marlow’s. It lives in my basement tent under LED’s. I try to keep humidity at least 60%, but it dips a bit during very cold spells. Summer temps are around 80F, and winter temps sometimes get down around 60F at night, because I don’t heat the basement...
  17. OrchidAnna

    Paph Leeanum

    So true! I've never seen a Paph in a supermarket though. Mostly phals, with the occasional oncidium.
  18. OrchidAnna

    Disa Kewbett

    I haven’t found care to be too difficult either, but it is very different than my other orchids. Now you’ve got me thinking about trying to pollinate. There’s another bud behind the open flower….
  19. OrchidAnna

    Paph Leeanum

    My Paph. Leeanum opened for the first time over the weekend. The photo is a little dark.
  20. OrchidAnna

    Disa Kewbett

    Thanks! It is definitely a slippery slope. Now that I feel like I know how to grow them (or at least not immediately kill them), I'm going after a couple other varieties! (In the spring, when I can safely have them shipped to me.)