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  1. practicallyostensible

    Orchid Shopping Southern California Style

    Darn, sorry I missed it. Pneumonia is cramping my style.
  2. practicallyostensible

    Paph. gigantifolium & CITES

    God, when will the BS end? Poor Sam.
  3. practicallyostensible

    43,000+ unread posts

    Sorry to hear that Candace. It's been a strange year for people. Did you get that second greehouse up and running? No, I didn't make it to the SB fair. I also missed Norito's lecture. My boyfriend's family was in town and sucked up all my free time like the vampires that they are (not bitter at...
  4. practicallyostensible

    43,000+ unread posts

    H, welcome back yourself! You'll like it here, we can have gardens all year long here ;)! Candace, how have you been? I've sure been missing you guys.
  5. practicallyostensible

    43,000+ unread posts

    Darn, should have put this under "Tell me about it".
  6. practicallyostensible

    43,000+ unread posts

    Hey guys, well, it's been quite a few months. My cousin was diagnosed with leukemia and I've been going to see him whenever I had time (it's a long drive to SF from LA). Between working 40 hours and traveling, most of my plants perished, but amazingly most of the ones that I really hold dear...
  7. practicallyostensible

    10g Freshwater Iwagumi Tank

    Argh, HATE dutch style. No offence, it's too planned and orderly for me, stick to Amano. :poke: I love Fundulopanchax and was planning on a pair but ended up with Pseudomugil furcatus. Nice choice though. That rock will for sure make your water harder, and if Eco Complete is anything like ADA...
  8. practicallyostensible

    10g Freshwater Iwagumi Tank

    Is that HC!? Good luck, I've only had luck wth this on 3-4wpg and CO2.
  9. practicallyostensible

    Hey! It's Kyle's Birthday Today!

    Hey! Happy Birthday!
  10. practicallyostensible

    Ebb and Flow Systems

    Thanks for the info about the ebb and flow systems... something to ponder. About the car, nothing was taken, my insurance covered replacement of both the windshield and the back window (pictured); the bill that went to my insurance company was upwards of a grand. This is really great for both me...
  11. practicallyostensible

    Ebb and Flow Systems

    Jon, you and I can have a long distance pitty party. I have beer and lemon meringue pie...I had some chocolate but I ate that for lunch. The front window looks the same. Thank god they didn't take the fish tank equipment out of the back. :poke: (but, seriously, that would have sucked). Oh dear...
  12. practicallyostensible

    Finally got some pics of the devastation

    I am so sorry Jon, that's just awful.
  13. practicallyostensible

    Ebb and Flow Systems

    I'll admit it, hydro is the way of the future. I picked up some Hydroton from a friend, and was going to buy a system and some grow lights today, however, the windshield and rear window of my car were totally broken out sometime last night... so no new gear for me, or food. :sob:
  14. practicallyostensible

    Ebb and Flow Systems

    Did a search before posting and couldn't come up with anything, I'll look again though.
  15. practicallyostensible

    Ebb and Flow Systems

    It makes a lot of sense to use something like this for Phrags, has anybody tried and had positive results?
  16. practicallyostensible

    Strongylodon macrobotrys- Jade Vine

    I LOVE THIS PLANT! It has the most amazing flowers.
  17. practicallyostensible

    BEWARE!!!! This is a rant on the orchid business

    I work for a nursery, and when I encounter issues with difficult individuals I just whole hardheartedly agree and tell them that indeed, the customer is always right. This generally infuriates them, and pleases me.
  18. practicallyostensible

    Phrag Penn's Creek Castcade

    I would like to know also. Especially, in instances like this when the flowers are so heavy. Thanks!