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  1. Stella

    Phrag. April Fool 'Fool's Gold'

    :smitten: Amazing!!!!!!!!!! I'm jealous.....:)
  2. Stella

    Paphiopedilum sangii

    Thank you for the cultural tips, I might try one sangii, I like it!!!
  3. Stella

    schlimii & schlimii

    They are very beautiful ,both of them, I like a little more the one on the right....
  4. Stella

    Paphiopedilum dianthum N°2

    Super !!!
  5. Stella

    Paphiopedilum helenae N°1

    Lovely indeed !!!
  6. Stella

    Cattl. aurea

    Fantastic, one of the best Cattleyas!!!!!!!! Tell us please how do you grow her, we have some difficulties here in Greece to grow dowiana...
  7. Stella

    Angraecum elephantinum...

    I dont know much of plant taxonomy, I bought it as elaphantinum, it looks like didieri, they both look the same to me,the only clue that I think it is elephantinum, is the flower season, since didieri blooms in the spring in northern hemisphere....Further than that , nothing:confused: It would...
  8. Stella

    Angraecum distichum....

    Thank you all !!! Yes it is growing mounted ..... For me it is the most easy to grow and bloom Angraecum.... It needs hight humidity, partial shade and water in the summer a lot, reduse in the winter, intermediate temperatures and that's all... It blooms twice a year....
  9. Stella

    Angraecum distichum....

    Miniature orchid with tiny little flowers, smelling jasmin....
  10. Stella

    Angraecum elephantinum...

    The flower emerged is bigger than the hole plant:) It smells like citrus and jasmin at night....
  11. Stella

    Phragmipedium Saint Ouen....

    I grow the plant for 2 years, it is its first bloom and it is my first Phrag. to I'm happy!!!:D The flower appears discoloration, I hope the next will be better.
  12. Stella

    vietnamense bud-watch

    How nice!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Stella

    Paphiopedilum dianthum

    Nice plant and nice presentation !!!
  14. Stella

    vietnamense bud-watch

  15. Stella

    My collection in September

    Nice, healthy plants!!! congrats Bjorn !!!
  16. Stella


    Lovely !!!!
  17. Stella

    Paphinia herrerae

    Ohhhhhh!!!! wonderful, congrats !!!!!!!!!!! :clap: This plant is one of my dearest, I tried twice to grow it with no succes , now I have a third one, it grows fine until now. I really hope to see it bloom...
  18. Stella

    Phrag. schlimii

    I like the shape, I like the color......well.....I LIKE IT A LOT!!!!
  19. Stella

    Hello from Germany

    Welcome Hamlet from Athens!!!:)
  20. Stella

    Bel Royal