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  1. Candace

    Paph. Johanna Burkhardt 'Melencia' AM

    What a beauty.
  2. Candace

    Selling most of my paphs...

    That's so scary and I'd be doing the exact same thing as you are.
  3. Candace

    Very, very sad news re: Eric Muehlbauer

    I'm so saddened to hear the news:<
  4. Candace

    my rant about certain people who buy orchids

    Working retail in any manner sucks. That one customer out of 100 can ruin your day, your week, your month. I would have to develop a much thicker skin to do it as a business.
  5. Candace

    Curled in leaves

    They will hopefully survive the rough treatment. At least you know he's not trustworthy and can't follow simple requests:< Yikes.
  6. Candace

    New greenhouse!!!

    Nice job and great photos.
  7. Candace

    Pacific Orchid Exposition

    I'll have to miss it this year. Bummer:<
  8. Candace

    "I Don't have Room for More Plants"

    Have you ever imported or exported plants? Or researched the costs involved with doing so and all the paperwork and documents involved ?
  9. Candace

    who's game?

    There's a "report item" link on the auction. If enough people complain, I would imagine it will be pulled.
  10. Candace

    Independence Day Paph Sale

    Cool, thanks Ray.
  11. Candace

    Europe only: 50 Orchids!, one parcel!!!

    Yes, do use the "other auction sites" for hosting your auctions in the future. We already do allow trading and sales for supporting members. Thanks.
  12. Candace

    Cattleya Korat Spots 'Green Spot'

    My favorite type of catt:>
  13. Candace

    Announcing my engagement

    Wow, what a nice couple! Congrats to you both.
  14. Candace

    Harbor Freight greenhouse

    I know of a few people that have them. The ones that are still standing have been heavily supported with added structural components. I have a friend that had one (not supported in any way) and it came down flat on her plants during a typical storm.
  15. Candace

    Announcement !!!!!

  16. Candace

    Anyone want to get published?

    Oh good...though I do think I have it somewhere.
  17. Candace

    CSNJC Updated

    You're right about the link.
  18. Candace

    CSNJC Updated

    Why do you say that?
  19. Candace

    Happy Birthday Candace !!!!

    Here you of my more recent finishes. ;>
  20. Candace

    Happy Birthday Candace !!!!

    Thanks everyone. I had too much cake and wound up with a belly ache. It sucks getting old and you can't eat junk anymore!