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  1. P.K.Hansen

    Paphiopedilum spicerianum

    I thought "paph. Bruno" when I saw it
  2. P.K.Hansen

    Paphi Lynleigh Koopowitz 2022

    Mine is also a single growth plant after at least five years in my care.
  3. P.K.Hansen

    Paphiopedilum mastersianum

    Don't see them often. Wonderful flower :)
  4. P.K.Hansen

    P.godefroyae v. ang-thong X rothschildianum

    There's always room for things that pretty :)
  5. P.K.Hansen

    Paph. malipoense. Slowest one yet.

    This took a year from the time I spottet the bud until it opened. My fault no doubt, as I had to move it when the spike became too long for my growspace. It simply stopped growing after that, so I eventually moved it back and found a way to keep it under the LEDs. Several months later it decided...
  6. P.K.Hansen

    Paphiopedilum canhii

    It's well derserved :)
  7. P.K.Hansen

    Paph jackii

    I'd say malipoense too. Nice though. Mine is opening slowly now - has taken about a year to get there.
  8. P.K.Hansen

    tranlienianum and wenshanense

    Trying to learn to use the camera in my new phone. Liked the old one better :) wenshanense. tranlienianum
  9. P.K.Hansen

    P. charlesworthii var. lannaense

    My first thought was hybrid
  10. P.K.Hansen

    concolor suprise

    Both beautiful. I have no problems with concolor. But bellatulum I get in bud, blast it, and kill the plant. Done it several times, so I do it really well :)
  11. P.K.Hansen

    P. barbatum

    My first thought was callosum too.
  12. P.K.Hansen

    Paph. jackii

    Lovely flowers.
  13. P.K.Hansen

    Two Tortoises

  14. P.K.Hansen


    Great shape. mine looks like it's been in a storm 😁
  15. P.K.Hansen

    Paphiopedilum malipoense

    Love it.
  16. P.K.Hansen

    Paphiopedilum hirsutissinum fm. album

    Great color :) I don't think mine is alive anymore. If it is, it's being very quiet 😁
  17. P.K.Hansen

    Snowy Delenatii

    A really beautiful paph :)
  18. P.K.Hansen

    Druryi Surprise

    Just beautiful 🙂
  19. P.K.Hansen

    Two clones of " Hello Dolly "

    Both of mine are in bloom now. Not what I hoped for ( see other Dolly thread ) but I like them anyway.
  20. P.K.Hansen

    Who is it?

    White Lady, Mrs. White