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    Do you know how to find you by seller on ebay? Don't seem to know how.
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    Phragmipedium besseae var. flavum

    It is lovely and now I must find the yellow version as well.
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    Paph Hell’s Emerald

    Bulldogs were my first paphs here in Florida but could not get the plants to live. Have never been sure if it was me or the plants. Now I have Jeff Young lights in a curio with humidity and doing much better with paphs and phrags. Would bulldogs do better now? Paphs and phrags have become my...
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    Paph Hell’s Emerald

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    Fertilizer Question...

    Thanks. I have the Cal Mag here but also a product from Palmer Orchids called Palmer Orchids Special a cal, mag and seaweed extract only product that are granules I am thinking the later could be used in small amounts for each watering. Mine are definitelly going through the growing stage...
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    Fertilizer Question...

    That is what I do but I am also considering a calcium, magnesium, seaweed combination for one of the waterings each month. Does anyone else use extra of these for their phrags? I'm not real smart figuring fertilizers and use Norm's Nutrients in general for all my orchids.
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    Fritz Schomburg

    How can I get this info? Would love to try it with paphs that need repotting.
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    Phragmipedium Grouville

    Love this.
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    Has this LED lamp enough lighting for Paphs???

    I have the spike light but use the medium lights on my phrags (not seedlings). Should I be using the spike lights for them and can this light be used for paphs as well? I have one set of shelves for these plants only. What distance do you use from light?
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    Coelogyne Willem Micholitz with nine spikes

    That is beauty overload.
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    So that is a phrag kiki? It is not something I have seen before. Just in case it ever happens what is the timing on removal.
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    Phragmipedium Ben Stormes

    Stunning. Hope I get as nice when mine blooms.
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    Phrag. Q F Maria

    How lovely and such nice deep color This is next on my wishlist from ecuagenera.
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    Need Paphiopedilum book for conservation research.

    Harold Koopowitz has his own Facebook Page. He is located in Los Angeles. I was able to find his book on Phals at a reasonable price by searching used book stores online. His books are out of print but you can find them at extremely high prices on Amazon. Cannot yet find the one on tropicals...
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    Free Phrag. seedlings

    I would love to have a few if possible. I know have my phrag large curio working in the dining room with everything needed for phrags But only if convenient under the circumstances.
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    Orchid Inn black friday sale

    Sorry, see this was last year.
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    Orchid Inn black friday sale

    Is this sale good for people on Slipper talk where I see it listed or do I need to have purchased before? Not taking codes
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    Paph Lady Isobel

    What a lovely Lady she is.
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    Paph Lady Isobel

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    Phragmipedium Noirmont - Watercolour painting

    Your work is lovely. Thank you for sharing.