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  1. cattmad

    Paphiopedilum Wossner Black Wings 'Rajani' AM/AOC

    I have asked the judges here why and they are of the understanding that the RHS is about to remove species status of anitum and no longer accept registrations as such, they are also going to make existing registrations synonyms. That was 12 months ago but RHS is still accepting anitum
  2. cattmad

    Paphiopedilum Wossner Black Wings 'Rajani' AM/AOC

    Yes, lovely tall spike but that is common with anitum hybrids. Mine had a bit more wide stance that yours looks to have. I have one from the TON cross that has better colour but not as big
  3. cattmad

    Paphiopedilum Wossner Black Wings 'Rajani' AM/AOC

    Congratulations David, very nice. I think that’s another one that came from me, I have 3 in flower from this cross myself right now
  4. cattmad

    Paphiopedilum rothschildianum 'Anisha' AM/AOC

    Congratulations David, well done
  5. cattmad

    Sophronitis Cattleya?

    I'm with you on this, taxonomists have wreaked havoc on the catts, I dont even show mine anymore because I refuse to change labels. Give it another few years they will probably be something else anyways
  6. cattmad


  7. cattmad

    Paph philippinense 'Alford' AM/AOS 4 spikes

    well grown
  8. cattmad

    Bish. Dal's Touch 'Dendi's Lollipop'

    this is a beautiful plant, can get a great head of flowers on a big plant
  9. cattmad

    Paph Death Star x leucochilum

    Death Star is Death note x bellatulum Death note is Muriel Constance x S Gratrix
  10. cattmad

    Paph Death Star x leucochilum

    Very nice, I have a flask of these from Machan too, not ready to flower yet though.
  11. cattmad

    Paph Jem's Pregnant Lady

    Rip off the bad leaves and Put it front of the fan for a few days Interesting outcome but not for me
  12. cattmad

    Paph. sanderianum pollen

    Nice sandie
  13. cattmad

    Paph. stonei 'Uptown Girl'

    very nice
  14. cattmad

    Paph. rothschildianum

    very nice, looks like that could be very good on a bigger plant. What is the mix you are using? is the stone a top dressing?
  15. cattmad

    Paph. adductum

    very well grown
  16. cattmad

    Cattleya walkeriana v. alba 'Pendentive' AM/AOS

    There have been articles I'll see what I can find. It's been a long time since I have seen them
  17. cattmad

    Cattleya walkeriana v. alba 'Pendentive' AM/AOS

    Pretty sure this is one of the plants that ended up being a dolosa There was a mix up at the nursery or lab and these got mislabelled as straight walkeriana, these were everywhere in the early 90's and many got awarded until the Japanese first refused to accept them as walkerianas...
  18. cattmad

    Fukuoka Orchid Exhibition

    thanks for sharing Tom. from what I have heard there used to be a few more dome shows that have all ceased. I do love the Tokyo Dome show, hope to make it again next year.
  19. cattmad

    Paph. Johanna Burkhardt

    Very nice, what's the DS?
  20. cattmad

    anitum in bud on ebay $1000

    Wow you must live in alternative reality. I read your garbage on here and ignore it but you just keep going. It's interesting when you ask questions like the Roth proud question and no one responds, you know why, half the forum put you on the ignore list. Doesn't that tell you something...