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  1. BarbaraAnne

    Phal. lowii

    I just acquired a Phal. lowii and it is mostly green roots with two leaves one of which aborted so I have one tiny leaf and a new leaf tip just starting too show. I am wondering how too avoid killing it and I am afraid too water. The roots are always green so I am learning that this usually...
  2. BarbaraAnne

    Poor little Paph

    I plan on buying the large container from Amazon so I have a refill so more frequent applications will allow the Paph too continue. So far the plant is unwilling too let the two bottom leaves go. I am curious what a long term disinfectant would be called. I am looking at Safers Fungicide too...
  3. BarbaraAnne

    Poor little Paph

    If you click the first picture it’s possible too see the rot at the base of the last remaining fan. I am hoping the Hydrogen Proxide has haulted the advancement of this disease.
  4. BarbaraAnne

    Poor little Paph

    It’s been sick and limping the past couple/few years and getting worse until I could finally repot and I treated with hydrogen proxicide which stopped that disease that has developed when grown in changeable conditions between indoor window sills in the winter too a hot greenhouse in the summer...
  5. BarbaraAnne

    Doritaenopsis Chian Xen Diamond

    Very pretty. How often do you water and fertilize?
  6. BarbaraAnne

    Shun-Fa Golden

    Very cool. Is that sun burn on the leaves?
  7. BarbaraAnne

    Paph. tigrinum 'Windy Hill'

    I never did get mine too bloom and it minimized itself out of existence. Wonder how many years it takes too bloom. Have not seen them at Clouds Orchid since.
  8. BarbaraAnne

    Yang-Ji Apple

    Although this appears too be an old thread I just returned too orchids lately and once again the multi florals call...along with every other orchid family. Woundering how large flowers is indeed beautiful.
  9. BarbaraAnne

    I'm kind when I say ugly

    Hello newbie here. After epic fail on the orchid front I am sincerely looking for advice on growing. Is flower under developed due too a need for repotting and watering too frequently during the cooler months if you get get cooler weather where you are. Is this greenhouse grown? Sent from...
  10. BarbaraAnne

    Phrag. Fox Valley Fireball 'Baby Ball'

    Orchid growing is impossible I can grow these however with laws here in Canada we can't do this since we can not heat a greenhouse; even five wall greenhouses are way too expensive too heat. So we lost all our orchids too disease and heating. It's the same way with gardening ... all perennials...
  11. BarbaraAnne

    Paph superbiens

    It looks like you grow all your paph's in sphagnum moss.
  12. BarbaraAnne

    May I scream loud and long...

    My refurbished computer is a vista Dell Optiplex that I had too install Win 10 and it 's can't do anything. It is the most expensive problem I have ever had. Will not be living in anything by substitized housing which is the same thing is a box on the street due to this awful technology problem...
  13. BarbaraAnne

    Paph henryanum in bud!

    Wish mine would spike however it's too scared too.
  14. BarbaraAnne

    Question about Paph. Humoresque

    God orchids take no survivors, or is it just the opposite ???
  15. BarbaraAnne

    Question about Paph. Humoresque

    I am back after a very long and painful ordeal and want too report that here in 2018 under very abusive situation .... Paphiopedilum Humoresque is a SURVIVOR.