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  1. TyroneGenade

    Is this Paphiopedilum helenae x spicerianum (P. Hengduan Sweetheart)?

    This is helenae x insigne: 清酒「月桂冠 ・ 月」 - 蘭とペットと時々 「道楽」 This is the barbigerum cross, Wössner Zwerg : 20124725 - Paph. Wossner Zwerg 'Yakman' HCC/AOS (78 points) 9-15-2012.jpg by the_aos_cjc .
  2. TyroneGenade

    Is this Paphiopedilum helenae x spicerianum (P. Hengduan Sweetheart)?

    My first thought was also an insigne cross. I don't see any spicerianum in this. Here is a Sweetheart: Paph. Hengduan Sweetheart (spicerianum x helenae) and looks much like one would expect. I can't see why a primary cross should have so much variation as to produce flowers that look like...
  3. TyroneGenade

    Paph Albion

    I am very envious. Lovely plant and flower. Kudos on your good growing.
  4. TyroneGenade

    Sold Free compots - Phrag Green Hornet x fischeri

    Thanks, Stephen, for generously making these plants available. It is very kind of you.
  5. TyroneGenade

    Mini sanderianum?

    Another reason to self it is because it has survived Rick's self-confessed not the best growing. It represents a survivor. Even if small and stunted it still managed to flower where a lesser plant would have just died. Selfing it will also determine if it is a hybrid or not. We shouldn't expect...
  6. TyroneGenade

    Mini sanderianum?

    Self it! I would love a mini-sanderianum. Crossing it to a compact phil or lowi might be interesting.
  7. TyroneGenade

    Stan. tigrina

    I used to have a big basket of Stanhopea occulata and costarice sis and while individual spikes didnt last long the show went on for a month with successive spikes. Hmm... I recall the chocolate mint scent.
  8. TyroneGenade

    Stan. tigrina

    Super plant and flowers. I miss my Stanhopeas. If you ever have back bulbs to sell please keep me in mind.
  9. TyroneGenade

    Paph In-Charm Topaz x Payakka Kodkod

    Hello, Here is an update: Some of the smallest protocorms/seedlings haven't made it but some have, and the larger seedlings are looking good. The moss is growing a bit fast and could prove a problem. I need to remove it from the pots where it is still small. A side photo: I will water into...
  10. TyroneGenade

    Paphiopedilum Saint Swithin (rothschildianum x philippinense frma. album) x delenatii frma. alba

    Deflask all of them. It is unlikely you can pluck out some plants and replete others without damage and contamination. The roots are going to be a tangled mess. Well done on getting this far.
  11. TyroneGenade

    Paphiopedilum Fairrcanh ‘Memories of Japan’

    Very beautiful. Is this multiple bloom per year habit unique to this plant or cross or is it typical of canhii hybrids?
  12. TyroneGenade

    Dendrobium speciosum

    Those are cool. Wish they were here in the US. It could manage that in my small grow-space. Even getting some seed would be awesome -- I have flasked and germinated dendrobiums before. Thanks for sharing photos.
  13. TyroneGenade

    Encyclia Renate Schmidt

    Yes. First bloom seedling. It should get more impressive if I treat it right.
  14. TyroneGenade

    Encyclia Renate Schmidt

    I purchased some Catts from SVO in the spring and Fred included a free Encyclia Renate Schmidt. It is now blooming and looks good. The plant is very compact which I like and the flowers have nice fragrance. I don't think this is something I would have purchased by choice -- given budget...
  15. TyroneGenade

    Dendrobium speciosum

    Super photos and growing info. Is anyone growing the smaller blackdownense subspecies? The bulbs are tiny compared to the regular form and would be much better suited for home growing.
  16. TyroneGenade

    Repotting the PEOY

    Why even bother with a pot at this point? Why not just wrap the root ball in cheesecloth, back the sides with some live moss and then rest the beast in a large dish with daily watering. Like how bonsai growers make these:
  17. TyroneGenade

    Paph In-Charm Topaz x Payakka Kodkod

    Hello, So, a journey of a new cross begins. Last year Duck Slipper gave me some pollen of his Paph. concolor ‘Yellow Bird’ x thaianum ‘Perfecto’ to put on my InCharm Topaz (Lisa x Davelle) : The pod matured and the seed sown (B138 terrestrial orchid medium from ajorchids on Ebay) but...
  18. TyroneGenade

    Something Magical

    Cool. Very envious. I need to get some too.
  19. TyroneGenade

    I need more space ...

    I was going to order from In-Charm but had a moment of sanity where the reality that I could not possibly squeeze another plant in my grow space was unavoidable... At some point the madness will take me again. Kudos on your purchases. If you find someone selling an orchid growing tardis let me...