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  1. Ozpaph

    Should I just let it go? (Virus?!)

    dump it
  2. Ozpaph

    C. Mrs. Mahler (guttata x bicolor)

    Big and showy
  3. Ozpaph

    Paphiopedilum niveum

    thats superbly grown!
  4. Ozpaph

    Cattleya Bob Betts awards and cultivars

    thank-you for your research
  5. Ozpaph

    Paphiopedilum (Bellatrix x bellatulum) x bellatulum

    fantastic spots!
  6. Ozpaph

    New flasklings

    you have grown then very well!
  7. Ozpaph

    Cattleya guttata coerulea

    will be great with a big head of blooms
  8. Ozpaph

    C. Helen P. Dane 'Magnifica' AM/AOS

    classic and still beautiful lip
  9. Ozpaph

    Is this Paphiopedilum helenae x spicerianum (P. Hengduan Sweetheart)?

    no spicerianum in that flower, IMHO.
  10. Ozpaph

    Paph. micranthum var. eburneum

  11. Ozpaph

    Parvi time

    Both Oz sourced some years ago
  12. Ozpaph

    C. Frans Hais (4N) (C. Horace Maxima (4N) x C. Winter Giant (4N))

    monster plant so well grown!
  13. Ozpaph

    C. Pamela Hetherington ‘Coronation’ FCC/AOS

    forget those roots. wait until next growth starts with new roots and slip into a bigger pot if the old mix is good.
  14. Ozpaph

    Paph St. Swithin

    Ex Sam's breeding. philie 'Super Long Petals' X roth 'Leo'. First flowering. Single growth. Looking forward to a flowering on a strong plant.
  15. Ozpaph

    Parvi time

    micranthum and Fumi's Delight.
  16. Ozpaph

    Paph Albion

    a very golden oldie
  17. Ozpaph

    Paphiopedilum barbigerum var aureum 'Steal My Sunshine' HCC/AOS

    very good examples
  18. Ozpaph

    Paphiopedilum papuanum forma alboviride

    super rare
  19. Ozpaph

    One Lump or Two?

    not my 'cup of tea'.......................LOL
  20. Ozpaph

    Paphiopedilum PEOY 'Jules' AM/AOC

    well done!!