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    What is the largest Cattleya flower?

    I second the Mem. Grant Eichler. Huge!
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    Recommendations for Flasking Service?

    Have never had a problem with Troy. Been using him for over a decade. Maybe longer.
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    Baker culture sheet for Cattleya dowiana

    The thing about the Baker data is that it's from weather stations. Charles *always* said these are usually in conjunction with an airport. He made no bones about it. And sure enough if you go to those coordinates it's an airport. At the time these data were the best (and I mean best) we had. It...
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    GH Bench question for Dot Barnett (and others)

    [tl;dr] After considering the total length of benches I might lose a few feet of space in converting to central benches, but it'd be approximately the same. And I didn't take into account that my plants are tall. (catts, bicolors, purpuratas etc) So my original layout might actually be what...
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    GH Bench question for Dot Barnett (and others)

    [tl;dr] Dot, how are your benches working out? [long story] Many years ago when Dot Barnett showed her GH construction I noticed the benches weren't placed against the GH walls with one central aisle, it was teh opposite. Benches centrally with the aisles against the walls. Well now I'm in the...
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    Need help with besseae and kovachii habitat

    Pretty sure you can generate a list for Colombian orchids as well as their bloom times in OrchidWiz.
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    Are there mini/compact white Cattleya hybrids?

    Click on the link. Tom. Its not white. Sunset Valley Orchids - Superior Hybrids for Orchid Enthusiasts
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    Naming of Paph. anitum progeny on the RHS app

    Same with Phrag Grande vs Phrag Leslie Garay.
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    Naming of Paph. anitum progeny on the RHS app

    The registrar will accept WBW. I came here looking for pics of Paphiopedilum Shih Yueh Swallow since a pic of Paphiopedilum Crowning Glory was just posted to Facebook. They do what they want. shrug.
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    Orchid Digest Speakers Day Nov 12, 2022

    The Orchid Digest and the Orchid Conservation Alliance will be holding a Speakers Day on Nov 12, 2022 at 2:30 PM PST. Cost is $30USD. Heres a list of the speakers. Eventually this will be on their web page but you see it here first! Speakers Diego Bogarín - Documenting the Orchid Diversity of...
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    Phragmipedium Peter Croezen

    He was always an advocate for orchids. The orchid man left an unmatched legacy
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    The Andes Through Time: evolution and distribution of Andean flora
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    OCA Conservation Symposium

    Ask about the gold mining in Banos Ecuador, and the planned research cabin in Colombia. New species found in Colombia as well. Lots of stuff happening.
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    OrchidWiz Being Retired

    Orchid Roots and Blue Nanta Orchids: OrchidRoots Plants: Bluenanta Registration or an account might be needed to activate some features on the webpages. Free. No spam. Just like here. Photos crowdsourced, just like IOSPE and OrchidWiz. Corrections to misidentifiactions can be made, either...
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    More articles on euglossine bees and odor collection Santiago Ramirez @ UC Davis

    Scroll down to his list of articles. I probably could find this better at Researchgate. I was reminded of his when I reviewed Ken Cameron's orchid groups's articles written for the AOS 'Orchids' mag. Santiago Ramirez
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    News & Publication updates at the Orchid Specialist Group/IUCN

    Scroll to the 2022 publication lists: News | Orchid Specialist Group
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    Rod Peakall Chemistry/Pollination/Conservation Australian Orchids

    Rod Peakall's lecture from the Australian Network for Plant Conservation
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    OCA Conservation Symposium

    I included the full size .jpg so you can share it and the link to your societies or other social media. Thanks! We waited rather late to get the word out.