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  1. J

    Warm growing phrags

    I live in central florida where my greenhouse can get as high as 90 degrees. Should a Grande be able to handle the heat with losts of airflow on it? And what does okay in the heat. It sens to cause erwina or phytoptera i know I spelled that wrong.
  2. J

    This is what people are being taught?

    I find the best thing for me is to leave then alone. Unles you are positive they are diseased. Even then.
  3. J

    Phrag temperature

    Is anyone able to grow longifolium, grande, other warm growing ones where the highest temperature is 90 degrees?
  4. J

    Phragmipedium Hybrid watercolour painting

    OMG. That's super. I have been trying to paint them, too. Not that well though.
  5. J

    Phrag Grande

    I can't seem to be able to control erwina. I am thinking it's the heat. This one is surviving. I am keeping it inside.
  6. J

    Phragmipedium Elfin's Wings

  7. J

    Fertilome fire blight

    Thank you, Ray.
  8. J

    Fertilome fire blight

    I purchased fertilome fire blight for erwina in my phrags. It was suggested on this site. How do I use it?
  9. J

    I'm supposed to trade a division of sedenii to someone and I've forgotten

    I would love a division if you can't find who you are looking for.
  10. J

    Is this phrag still healthy?

    I had to cut off brown mushy part. I soaked in thyomil/diathane solution to seal cut and prevent spread of rot. I am hoping it will put out healthy roots now.
  11. J

    Is this phrag still healthy?

    My main question is, at the cut should it be soft green tissue or hard brown like it is? Is it dead or can it be saved?
  12. J


    Thank you for trying to help. I guess the problem is I do things wrong and kill them. I guess I am going to quit. My phrags used to grow great and i had three big ones.
  13. J


    Well that stinks. I thought I had a way to know what to do. Now I am back to not knowing what to do. I am never going to learn.
  14. J


    IyouI can't get them to upload. I know it would help. I will keep trying
  15. J


    Great. I understand a little more. Thank you
  16. J


    In one gallon I use approximately 1/2 teaspoon.
  17. J


    The only way to drown them is in organic media that is broken down, correct? I use all inorganic. Clay balls, hydroponic rock, lava rock. Large perlite and a little charcoal. I flush out the pots weekly and never let them sit in fertilizer.