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    Any guesses?

    Yeah, I think probably a complex hybrid, but not one involving lowii. The dark petals make me think phillippinense isnin there somewhere. If it had a name, it wouldn’t be a bad plant, but I’d have preferred a properly labeled Paph Julius over some random unlabeled multifloral ☹️
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    Any guesses?

    This was supposed to be Paph Julius. Based on petal length and the white ovaries, I suppose that it has P. sanderianum in its background somewhere. Any guesses as to its other ancestry? The “Paph sukhakulii” that I got from the same source was also mislabeled.
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    Wanted: Paph. Chiu Hua Dancer

    If you are still searching, I found an nbs seedling today at Little Brook Orchids in Lancaster PA. Couldn’t believe it. Not sure if the have any more but might be worth a call.
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    Paph. Lady Isobel

    Currently, my plan is to grow it into a specimen, but I’ll keep your suggestion in mind—sometimes paphs just fall apart into divisions, despite my best efforys 😁
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    Paph. Lady Isobel

    Thanks, that makes sense. I was really scratching my head over “Pleces”
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    Paph. Lady Isobel

    Here's my Lady Isobel, currently flowering. Too bad the two inflorescences are facing in different directions. The plant came from SVO, but it had a Krull-Smith tag. The cross is listed as P. stonei 'Krull-Smith' x P. rothschildianum 'Pleces' AM/AOS. Can't find anything about the roth clone...
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    Paph. Saint Swithin and Michael Koopowitz

    Sam breeds good plants, for sure.
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    Paph. Saint Swithin and Michael Koopowitz

    A couple more plants purchased from Orchid Inn in 2019 that flowered earlier this year. I was a bit surprised by the very pendulous petals on the Saint Swithin, as plants I have seen in the past had petal stance more intermediate between the two parents. The St. Swithin is rothschildianum...
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    Johanna Burkhardt/Wössner Black Wings

    This is rothschildianum 'Leo' SM/JOGA x anitum 'Ace' AM/AOS from Orchid Inn. First bloom. I like the dark petals on this clone. Pick your favorite name, depending on whether or not you think P. anitum is a separate species or variety of adductum. I'm going along with WCSP and RHS for now.
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    Paphiopedilum philippinense variation

    (Assuming attachment works) here are two Paph philippinense currently blooming in my collection. I got the tall one from the Orchid Trail last year. No parentage information, but it seems fairly typical of the long-petaled forms that are common in cultivation. The smaller is one of two dwarf...
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    Paphiopedilum vietnamense

    Here it is. Just one blooming growth and one old growth. It doesn't seem to want to form a specimen--every year it produces a single new growth that flowers about the time that the old growth dies.
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    Paphiopedilum vietnamense

    This plant has bloomed four or five times before, but this is its first time with a two-flowered inflorescence. The inflorescence structure is odd--instead of the second flower arching above the first, the extension of the inflorescence is completely lax and dangles straight down...
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    Paphiopedilum Golddollar

    It would be a big specimen, if I had grown it consistently across 24 years. But I didn’t. :( When I switched from under-lights/windowsill to greenhouse growing, it took me a while to get the hang of growing in much brighter light and different temperatures—Paphs in particular suffered. Then...
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    Paphiopedilum Golddollar

    I bought this plant from JEM orchids in 1996, so it is one of my oldest surviving Paphs. I think P. Golddollar was a really inspired cross -- you get a flower that approximates P. armeniacum in size and color, but the plant is so much easier to grow and bloom. (click the link for pic without...
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    Growing multi floral Paphs indoors.

    Before I had a greenhouse, my P. philippinense flowered best if I put them outside in summer. They sat beside Euphorbia and Pachypodium in conditions that would burn a cattleya to a crisp--full sun in North Carolina. Probably wouldn't be good for species and hybrids that like a little more...
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    Paph liemianum? mottled leaf

    I've got one with nice mottled leaves that I picked up about a year ago. The flower is small but otherwise it looks like typical P. liemianum to me.
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    Paphiopedilum venustum with plain leaves

    I was going through some old photos this evening and found this pic of a P. venustum that I got from Ray Rands sometime in the early 90s. Sadly, the plant died 8-9 years ago--these things happen when your life enters that phase where you change diapers more than you water plants and a nap seems...
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    Paph philippinense 'Stephen' HCC/AOC

    Really beautiful. Congratulations on the award. I'm baffled that judges seem to like (insist on?) vertical staking of long-petaled multifloral paphs. Vertical staking looks good with short or horizontal petals, but IMO long petaled paphs look very much better with an arching inflorescence, so...
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    Paph. stonei

    Nice! Is it in semi-hydro?
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    Paphiopedilum Lady Isabel/Lady Isobel

    That might be true for a species name, but taxonomists don’t care about artificial hybrids. Whether hybrid names can be changed is above my pay grade, but the Orchid Registrar didn't seem to have any doubt—indeed, it has already been changed. If you search for the online hybrid database, Lady...