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    A good home

    It turned out to be a good way to start the process. I am very comfortable with my decision. BTW who doesn't appreciate oohs and aahs? LOL
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    A good home

    I spent considerable time going over my postings and zeroed in on members who appreciated the photos that I posted.
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    Paph. Mystic Castle

    Yes Barbados does. But the climate in Barbados would not be paph. friendly.
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    A good home

    Arghhh! Maybe you guys are overthinking this just a bit :-))
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    Paph. Mystic Castle

    Everything is fine thanks. I have once again chosen to spend 6 months of the year in Barbados so am in the process of finding a good homes for my plants.
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    Paph. Mystic Castle

    At the moment I have found homes locally for all but the top tier clones. Paph. Tokyo Knight Dream 'Snow Moon' Paph. Tokyo Knight Dream 'Crystelle' AM/AOS Paph. Mystic Knight ' Grandeur' 15 cm. N.S. Paph. Mystic Knight 'Snow Moon' arguably the best Mystic Knight Paph. Mystic Castle 'Moonstone'...
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    Paph. Mystic Castle

    I posted the recent photos because I am in the process of attempting to find good homes for my top tier complex paphs. I am willing to let them go gratis to a good home and willing to pay for the shipping. I was just trying to spark some interest and if there is none then so be it.
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    Paph. Mystic Castle

    Because I own the entire clone and I can show it anytime I want. If you have a problem with that then by all means tell someone who cares.
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    Paph. lowii "New Horizon' x "Grand Masterpiece" first from flask

    This must be a very vigorous plant . Unfortunately the flowers are at best 'average'. I obtained a division of 'Grand Masterpiece' at the WOC in Miami at the sam time as Sam Tsui and it was truly amazing.
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    Paph. Mystic Castle

    N.S. 13 cm.
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    Paph. Mystic Castle
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    Paph. Pacific Shamrock
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    A good home

    I have a number of complex paphs that need a good home. They are all top quality clones. Message me if you live in Canada (preferably Eastern Canada) and we can discuss the details.
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    Paphiopedilum armeniacum and X micranthum

    At this stage are you fertilizing the little guy and if so with what and at what strength?
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    Total steal of a deal

    What category on ebay is this listed under?
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    Are green complexes just albinos?

    I have several clones of Paph. Mystic Knight and one clone of Paph. Barnes Byford that have a N.S. of 14 cm.
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    Are green complexes just albinos?

    IMHO the best of current white paphiopedilum breeding is on a par with green/red/spotted complex paphs. I have been collecting 'white' complex paphs. for decades and am reasonably familiar with what are arguably the best grex and clones that fulfill the niche of desirable whites regarding size...
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    I'm curious as to what the heck goes on in your bedroom that might wreck a humudifier:)
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    Not 100% culture but interesting..

    as an experiment why not mist one petal and not the other
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    Tokyo Knight Dream

    12.5 cm. N.S. This is one of my favourites. Very white, no spots and nice paddle shaped petals.